How to Rock Your Communication

Communication may be the most important skill to learn.

This includes both communication with others and with ourselves. It has taken me decades to become a loving parent to myself. I’ve realized lately just how important my self talk is to my overall functioning. For too much of my life, I’ve been a passive observer, or worse, a victim of my own mind. When difficult situations triggered emotions and patterns from my past, then my mind would chatter about very disempowering thoughts, triggering even more bad feelings. This lead to a drain of my energy and ability to respond to life.How to Rock Your Communication

Some of us didn’t receive much guidance and encouragement growing up, myself included. Ultimately, we must learn to be responsible for the choices we make and taking better care of ourselves. Working from home, being single and living alone means that I have few social interactions. Therefore, I must be my own best friend, coach and parent.

Fortunately, with the help of friends, coworkers, blogging and a class at Unity of Fayetteville on Prosperity, I’ve been making great progress in making more empowering choices. From my experience, the most empowering choices are when I choose to think, feel and act in alignment with my life vision.

Here are some tips on how to empower and rock your communication:

  • Spend time dreaming up your ideal life, then commit it to paper as a vision for your life with goals and supporting actions.
  • Decide who you want to BE in the world. Then do your best to start aligning your thoughts, feeling and choices with this vision of you. It helps to put your vision on paper, computer, cards, or somewhere that you will see it routinely.
  • Pause before you speak or write to someone. Ask yourself if what you are going to say is helpful, useful, kind or empowering. If not, can you make another choice that is more empowering to you and others?
  • Take time to meditate to restore and refresh. Time in nature or with friends does the same for some people.
  • Do things that raise your energy and make you feel better. Then make a choice from the place of feeling better. This helps us move to higher levels of thinking that are aligned with the universal, rather than our small and limited ego mind.

Choose wisely. Your life depends on it!

I’ve written before about the power of choice. I encourage you to join me in choosing more empowering ways of living. Let’s thrive and flourish together!


2 thoughts on “How to Rock Your Communication

  1. Oh how I LOVE your title! I agree — the quality of our lives hinges significantly upon slowing down and investing the time to make choices that uplift all. This takes work, like any solid relationship, but that natural high from possessing integrity and spreading positive energy is priceless! Thanks, Brad!! 🙂


  2. Thanks Shauna, I was just raving about your latest post! I’m so glad to have you in my circle. You help make my writing worthwhile. More and more I realize that I write to remind myself of the lessons I need to learn! Slow down and savor life, like your wonderful local travel adventure idea!

    Thanks for blessing me and my work.


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