Good News 1.13

Most of us, even writers :), know about the power of words.

Please consider using your words to empower and create your own Good News. Your words matter!

The city of Medellin, Colombia has been re-inventing itself. Previously know as a war-torn drug capitol, it was recently named the most innovative city in the world in a global competition. Their results have been dramatic, reducing crime by over 80%. They accomplished this through a series of projects for innovative mass transportation, and human services brought to the poorest neighborhoods. About 70% of the population now has access to public transportation via buses, cable cars, bicycles and elevators!

Tim’s Place is a special restaurant. The owner is Tim, who has Down’s Syndrome, loves people, food and giving free hugs and smiles to everyone he can. His restaurant is becoming the friendliest place in Albuquerque. What if we all ran our business this way? Spread a little joy today!

Honda Motors has found a way to reclaim rare earth metals from used NiMH batteries. This will not only help keep toxins from landfills, but help ease supply and political concerns due to China’s dominance of the rare earth metal supply. This is the world’s first mass production recycling of batteries to reclaim and reuse rare earth metals.

LA Green Grounds

Meet Ron Finley, a gardener who is on a mission to change south LA. He uses gardening to transform vacant lots, kids and neighborhoods. Check out his group, LA Green Grounds, or his TedTalk. They offer free labor and help to start a garden in your lot. He wants to start a revolution using gardening to make growing food hip for kids. His vision is for people to take back their health with “gangs” of kids creating sustainable food businesses!

According to Deutsche Bank, the solar industry is on the verge of grid parity. They estimate that we will reach parity on a mass level in 2014 and already in India and Italy. Concurrently, manufacturing costs are falling to historic lows in China, and even without subsidies, many solar installations will be able to compete with traditional electric supply without subsidies. Go Solar!

The language of heart might be the secret to solving all the world’s challenges! This statement was made by Gregg Braden of the HeartMath Institute. Their research shows that when we create a certain frequency where heart and brain are in coherence, we generate a field of peace and cooperation that not only creates optimal conditions within ourself, but also generates a field that helps others shift toward cooperation by merely being in our field. Turns out the power of love and heart aren’t just romantic fairy tales!

What’s your favorite story? Please let me know and share the Good News!


6 thoughts on “Good News 1.13

    • Hi Leslie, I appreciate your feedback. I’m sorry, but I don’t know how to add an email. Maybe Geoff could sign up online? Thankfully there are signs of spring, if not so obvious today! blessings, Brad


  1. I feel like I need to start paying tuition for the beautiful education you provide…(I’ve even learned to grab a tissue before I sit down to read your posts!)

    Cheers to — Healthy hearts healing the world in the nick of time, Hugs from Tim the optimist who never said never, and my personal favorite, The power of words: “It’s a beautiful day, but I can’t see it.”

    Thanks once again, Brad! 🌻


  2. Thanks Shauna, You pay me in kindness and connection. I have wondered about making money with my blog, but don’t see this time. And I want to write more creative posts, not simply aggregate inspiring stories, though they seem to be popular.

    I appreciate you,


  3. Thank you so much. I love spreading Good News and aim to inspire myself and others to live more fully. Most of us need more good news.I’m getting better at focusing on the good in my life, but still like to be reminded and inspired. I hope you find and create your own good news.
    blessings, brad


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