Good News 1.12

Are you ready to connect, thrive and be inspired?

Here’s my latest Good News from around the world!

Did your science teacher inspire you with crazy science experiments? Mine either. Jeffrey Wright is an inspired teacher who knows how to capture the attention of his students with props to tell a great story about physics. But even better, he understands and teaches the power of love, both in his class and home. As the parent of a special needs child he has come to understand the amazing power of love. The world needs more teachers like Jeffrey Wright.

Earth- The Owner's Manual

Speaking of science, I can’t wait to see and drive on one of these solar roads. Solar Roadways has created solar panels to be used as roadways. They have a contract from the Federal Highway Administration to build test highways. These roads will generate electricity from built in solar panels. Later prototypes are experimenting with LEDs to generate light at night and heating elements for warming the roads in winter and icy conditions! Hurray up and build them!

Kindness is alive and well, at least in this story of a man helped by a family of poor Mexican immigrants. This amazing family demonstrated kindness at it’s purest form. They not only stopped when no one else would, they replace a broken tire iron, fed him and returned the money he tried to offer. Now Justin makes sure to take the time to help others in need along the highway. Grace returned and multiplied. Pay it forward!

This is an innovative way to get multiple beneftis from solar. The Narmada Solar Power Canal in India will use existing water canals as the base for solar panels. The panels will create clean, affordable energy, jobs and protect the water in canals from evaporation. The project has the backing of Gujarat State Electricity Corporation (GSECL) with support from Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Ltd (SSNNL), who runs the canals.

A touching story of courage and acceptance. Susan Spencer-Wendel has been diagnosed with ALS and is making the most of it; traveling, writing and keeping an upbeat attitude. She wrote a book called Until I Say Good-bye. Here is how she answers how she’s doing “My pat answer is, as well as can be expected. My body and voice become weaker every single day, but my mind becomes mightier and more quiet. You do indeed hear more in silence.”

A reminder to me of how blessed I am. May we count our blessings and live fully.

Please make some Good News of your own. Then share it with others!


2 thoughts on “Good News 1.12

  1. Incredible teacher/parent, tear-rendering kindness, plus a hearty helping of grace…Throw in some awesome green innovation and you have yet another FABULOUS POST from the Freedom Writer!! Thank you! ♥


  2. Fun, I like the name Freedom Writer!, I originally wanted the name Riding to Freedom but it was taken, so here I am writing to freedom, having fun mixing up my posts, topics and metaphors. Thanks for your kind comments, my dear Shauna.


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