Old Irish Bard

Irish Poem, Setter

There once was an old Irish setter named Bard

Who liked to leave samples in the yard

Much as his owner tried, he couldn’t break the habit

Twas a bit tedious since his leavings were bigger than a rabbit

You’d think old Bard would want to please his dear owner a bit

One fine day Liam heard a whisper in his ear

What if he gave his old pup a drought of beer

And while he was at it, may as well pour one for his own good cheer

Being a sweet Irish soul, soon they were jolly and a wee bit pissed

Running round and round in circles, falling on the grass

Now, you might be thinking this is a pain in the ass

Being as this is an old Irish tale, you’d have it wrong

For now, they had bonded as brothers in song

Old Bard would take up a tune, and howl like the wind

Soon joined by his owner, crooning as if he were being skinned

And thus ends our silly ode to Old Irish Bard

Surely you weren’t expecting great poetry from this old bay

May the Luck of the Irish be with you this fine St. Patrick’s Day!

muse bard XD

photo credit: Alex Steiner, source photopin via creative commons


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