The Gift of Language

As a writer, I’m very conscious of language, and tend to be precise with my choice of words, at least on paper.

In person, I’m more loosey goosey!

I’ve written previously about the power of language and the need to be aware of the subtle difference that language can make. words, writing

Many people use affirmations to help them feel better and attract things in their lives. I have found that a subtle choice in language can make a big difference in how I feel and respond to my affirmations.  If you want to learn more about language and affirmations, then you can read my guest post on the Power of Affirmations.

Passion moves us, usually much more than words.

If we are lucky or good with words, then maybe our passion comes through our words to connect and touch others on a deeper level. I intend my words and blog to connect, inspire and help others. Unfortunately, some people and the media often use language to manipulate, control or unconsciously, which all can bring harm to others. I started my Good News series to help spread inspiration and joy.

Reading a post by Maria Konnikova about the fragility of language, I was very moved my her words and story. From her post, “Perhaps that’s where my love of language was first born, the knowledge that I should never take a single word for granted…”. She goes on to describe how important language is to her due to early experiences at not having the gift of language as a recent immigrant to this country. And the complexities and importance of using words to convey our meaning.

Even though I love words and language, I know that language is really a small part of our communication with others. Science estimates that about 80% of our communication is non verbal, mostly visual, which of course explains the popularity of photos and images used in blogs and social media. This almost makes me want to give up writing, but I’m stubborn and or hopeful that my words will convey something useful anyway. 🙂

Is this blog or post meaningful to you? Please let me know what you FEEL by placing a number in the comments below; (# 5 for inspired, # 3 for helped, #1 for bored and # 0 for repelled!), Have fun with my request, and yes, any feedback is appreciated.

Thanks for reading, muse brad.

6 thoughts on “The Gift of Language

  1. 5 + 3 = 8! You both inspire and help by presenting issues in a fresh new light. I enjoyed your entire piece, but the part that really struck a nerve was about pictures/images holding greater appeal than words…I can think of no greater example of this than facebook. Ironically, I joined fb when I started my blog (years and years after everyone else), thinking I could share my work with a wider audience. My experience has matched your observations. Unless I post pictures of children, dogs, or party scenes the response is minimal. And yet…THANKFULLY there are venues like this wonderful wordpress world — surrounded by fellow artists with longer attention spans 😉 actively seeking deeper meaning — where our words DO matter.

    So there’s a very long-winded way of saying: DON’T STOP writing, Brad — you DO make a positive difference each and every time!! xoxo


  2. Thank you so much Shauna, I am incredibly grateful for you as a reader and supporter. You help make my blogging come alive. Having readers and even better, comments from an active, engaged audience is a wonderful joy that I appreciate so much.
    I know your words certainly matter to me. You get a 10 on the fan rating! 🙂 Maybe this is what I and others crave in writing; to be heard and acknowledged.
    Blessings, Brad


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