Good News 1.10

More Good News from around the world. Enjoy!

Most of us know of Matt Damon the actor, but did you know he is a founding partner in Water.orga NGO created to help everyone access clean water and toilets. Currently almost 1 Billion people do not have this basic access. Water access is one of the most important issues in the world today. Water,org has created a bold plan with flexible solutions. Please consider helping this good cause.

ToyBank is a wonderful idea from India to help children regain the right to childhood and play. Unfortunately, many children in India have little or no access to play and may even have to work to help support their families. Toybank aims to provide health and happiness for all children.


Small farmers in the Indian state of Bihar may be revolutionizing farming, at least for small scale farmers. The method is called Soil Root Intensive, SRI, and based on using less plants that are allowed to breath, spread out and grow more densely. They use less water, chemicals and seeds, yet get more yield. Yes!

This video is my idea of sportsmanship. We could all learn from this touching story about Mitchell, his love of basketball and the people who helped him realize a dream. It’s great to know that people still care.

Power from Wisconsin cheese! Sounds like something a kid would dream up, but the folks at GreenWhey are working on creating energy from cheese byproducts. Using an anaerobic digester to convert waste from cheese byproducts into electricity, heat and fertilizer. This will make their cheese production both more efficient, competitive and environmentally friendly. A triple bottom line win!

A touching and clever video showing how we connect. I won’t spoil the surprise. Enjoy! 🙂

What’s your Good News? I’d love to hear from you. Thanks.


2 thoughts on “Good News 1.10

  1. What a beautifully inspiring way to start out a new week. Thanks for the much needed breath of fresh air!! 🙂

    P.S. I soooo appreciate your recent help/troubleshooting…My site has NO virus; I was just a bit naive with my password 😦 ALL is secure now!


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