My Top 7 Healthy Habits

Health is one of my favorite topics and passions.

Ultimately, I believe there are many paths to good health. At the same time, there seem to be general tendencies in choices that aid our health. Below, I’ve shared some tips based on my experience. The best course is to experiment with different choices to see how they work for you. I’m grateful for my good health and have compassion for those of you who may have health challenges. Good health may be one of the most precious gifts in life, along with human love and the bounty of our wonderful planet.

Brad at 53

53 years young?

Our physical health is connected to our mental, emotional and spiritual health as collaborated by many doctors, health practitioners and teachers. Dr. Amen has found that “the quality of our decisions are a direct result of the health of our brain.” His program is mostly focused on physical steps to support brain health because he believes that is the key for good health. I like a broader approach that addresses our multifaceted nature.

Becoming healthy starts with the decision to be healthy. Then taking consistent action toward your goal of good health. Remember that new actions take about three weeks to become ingrained as a habit. You may encounter resistance if the new choice is very different from your current choices. I would suggest making changes one at a time in small easy-to-do steps. For example, if you chose to bring more gratitude into your life, then try writing about things you are grateful for each day for five minutes. Do that for three weeks to not only create the habit, but see how it feels in your life. If you find benefit, then keep it. If not, then try something else like talking about gratitude or simply sitting with the feeling of gratitude each day. If you added one new tip each month for 7 months, you could transform your health and life. Please let me know how it works. Maybe I’ll create a program to sell all over the world like Dr. Amen!

Here are my Top 7 Healthy Habits:

  1. Daily gratitude practice. This may be the one best tool for living fully in health, happiness and abundance. I am learning to bless everything and everyone. Savor and bless your life.
  2. Drink plenty of quality water. Most studies suggest about 48-64 oz per day. I find using a quality home filter to be helpful and can offer recommendations if desired.
  3. Daily rigorous exercise. Our bodies thrive on movement, exercise and fresh air. Variety and fun help me to sustain my exercise habit. Do activities you enjoy.
  4. Healthy foods consisting of a mix of quality proteins, carbs and fats with lots of fruits, vegetables and raw foods. Eating at least half my food raw works best for me with plenty of natural, whole grains, nuts, fruit and veggies. Reduce or eliminate processed foods, caffeine, salt, processed sugar and sweeteners, drugs, alcohol and smoking.
  5. Uplifting social connections based on care, encouragement and connection. We all need people, relationships and emotional bonding – even hermits like me. 🙂
  6. Restful sleep of 7 to 9 hours per night. Good sleep is aided by calming activities leading to bed time. Reduce late night distractions like TV, lights, noise and worry. Counting your blessings is a great way to go to bed with a peaceful mind and heart.
  7. Daily spiritual practices like prayer, meditation and time in nature. Do whatever helps connect you to a bigger sense of life and purpose. I thrive in nature and quiet.

P.S. Any physical habit can be turbo charged by adding positive thoughts and feelings into what you are doing. Gratitude and joy may be the best, almost magical, keys for healthy living! 

Dr. Amen has many good ideas, along with research and humor. If you want to be healthy, then you might want to watch his video. Then take some action!

Start with better choices, add consistent action, create healthy new habits and transform your life.

Blessings for health and happiness, Brad


16 thoughts on “My Top 7 Healthy Habits

  1. Dr. Amen for president?? What a spectacular and informative video…These are the things our nation/the world should be focusing on to build a great society/civilization. Sad to think what we actually waste our resources on…

    I love all your health tips as well, Brad. Of course, I’m partial to #1. As the good Dr. says, we don’t need Prozac — we need gratitude!!! I am thankful for YOUR insightful perspective and the blessing of your friendship!


  2. Your 7 top healthy habits are really good. I also like to laugh often-it’s a mini-vacation for your mind. 🙂


    • Thanks. As they say, laughter is the BEST medicine. Maybe I need to add it to my list? I love your idea to call laughing a mini vacation. Easy, no cost and can transport us to a better place 🙂 Thanks for visiting and commenting, Brad


  3. Hey Brad ~ Glad the law of attraction is working for you. Though not as healthy as a horse, I’m on quicker impulse to improve my homeostatis
    these days. ~ Bro. Brian J


  4. Great post. I used to be a major fitness freak. I still work out daily, but not nearly as much as I used to. I have two kids now, and no longer teach physical conditioning classes. Plus, I used to be quite involved in the performing arts. Actually, it was a large part of my job. I could never not exercise. I’ve hear it said that it’s considered a healthy addiction. I totally believe it too, because of the feel-good endorphins that are produced by it.
    I also love eating healthy. If I could only afford all of the ‘healthier’ stuff, I’d have it made.

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