Good News 1.08

It is a joy to find and share good news from around the wacky world wide web. Thanks for reading, commenting and hopefully sharing your good news.

How would you like clean water and energy from algae? This is what researchers at Cal Poly are working on with a grant from the DOE. They estimate that with only 10% of the energy market in CA, algae biofuels could save the state $240 million per year! The test project has been launched by Cal Poly in San Lois Obispo, CA with nine treatment ponds. The algae feed on the nutrient rich waste water and build up oil rich water in the ponds.

Crystal Bridges Museum

The gift of language. From this remarkable man, Jabbar Asgar Zaddeh, many deaf people were given the gift of language and communication. Susan Schaller beautifully traces his life and the impact on her writing. She describes poems as expressions of truth and self. He choose the name “Baghcheban” to describe being a gardener of children to water them and help them blossom!

Awesome news for the climate! The emissions for the US fell to the lowest level since 1994 according to this study by BNEF. The report found decreases in oil use, coal energy, increases in natural gas due to fracking, and steady increases in energy from solar, wind, hydro and geothermal.

I can’t say that I understand the science of this one, but researchers at Panasonic are experimenting with producing artificial photosynthesis. I better brush up on my science. Will you science folks help me out on this one?

Leo Babauta talks about 27 skills that children need to learn. I don’t agree with every item on his list, but I do agree that children need to learn more life skills. Ideally these would be taught both at home and schoool. I believe emotional, social, physical and happiness are the key skill sets that are most needed. Let’s teach our children well.

Clean energy generation is gaining momentum as both new clean sources come online and older dirty sources are retired. According to a recent Sierra Club article, we just passed a milestone of 50,000 megawatts from 130 coal plants retired since 2010, almost 1/6 th of the coal plants in the US. Plus the Sierra Club has created a 100 Days of Action for Climate and Clean Energy Campaign for the Obama administration. Go Green Team!

And finally, how about food and energy produced in the desert from sunshine, salt and CO2? This is the plan for a new multi-purpose plant created in Qatar, They are combining existing green technologies in creative ways to gain multiple benefits.

Please remember to share the Good News. Thanks for your support.

2 thoughts on “Good News 1.08

  1. Hope you’re having a great weekend, Brad…
    Okay, so I looooved the “Baghcheban” story. I mean, aren’t we all flowers longing to be nurtured to a certain degree? But to think of those who otherwise stood no chance is beyond heart-warming.
    And teaching those 27 skills will certainly create well-rounded assets to society. Perhaps the school children could then train our “leaders” in DC! 😉


  2. Yes Shauna, dreams are nice, little ones like all children being raised in love, peace and harmony! Or another simple one like potty training our leaders 🙂 Meanwhile back at the ranch, I eat, sleep and write. Thank goodness we have language to express ourselves,even though non verbal is way more important. but then what would we bloggers do?


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