Do you know any superheroes?

 Iron Man AP PressI don’t really mean Iron Man or the Avengers! For me, superheroes are those special people who give more, do more, and shine their bright light into the dark places of this world.

They go boldly forward, where many of us turn in fear, pause to analyze, or distract ourselves with entertainment. These folks know fear too, but they have learned how to master the energy of fear to propel themselves to brave new heights.

Photo from AP Press 2008.

In these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die. Where you invest your love, you invest your life. –    Mumford and Sons.

One such person is Sara Lahey from the Hunting Happiness ProjectShe turned an early childhood of fear, family violence and turmoil into fuel to find out what makes people happy. According to her search, the most universal and important thing people want is love. Many of us have experienced the shift in perspective or emotional state by simply helping another person. Sara has turned this into a career and crusade. Her latest project is Love’n Aid to bring kindness to the forefront of our pop culture like happiness has done.

Another example is Joy from Facets of Joy. This month she is focusing on 28 Days of Love: Embracing Vulnerability. Her daily practice is to open more to life from a space of love and vulnerability. I admire her courage to both live it and write about it. Mostly I write!

I am also blessed to know a woman I’ll call Super D. She’ll know who I mean. This young woman loves to help people and does it daily in multiple ways. She is a pediatric nurse who works mostly with underprivileged children. But it doesn’t stop there. On her days off, she volunteers at a program to help kids with autism learn coping skills. And if you are lucky enough to spend time with her, she is quick to smile, encourage and shine her light.

For the rest of us, sometimes being an everyday hero is enough. A simple smile, helping hand or hug might just rock someone’s world. Give it a try!

Thanks to all the Superheroes like Sara and D, the world is a much brighter place. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Superheroes

  1. The biggest heroes I can think of in my life right now are the artists I know who, despite not getting paid or the lack of recognition or whatever the material-world issue might be, keep relentlessly putting themselves out there. I hope I can do the same.


  2. Hi Chris, I agree that being an artist can be heroic and a challenge in our current culture. You have a great blog and wisdom to share. I’m working on trust and following my passions too. I know many artists like you describe and a few who have earned recognition, a living and most importantly a joy from following their bliss.
    Keep on and maybe an everyday hero will lend a hand 🙂


  3. I believe true heroes are those who bring light into every room they enter, helping out in whatever way they can — with zero desire for recognition. We rarely know their names, but we are blessed to have them walk among us daily… xo


    • Thanks. I’m grateful to know great people. Welcome to my “garden”. I enjoyed your post comparing the writing journey to a worm having to dig through hard soil. I’ll keep digging around for something good to share! Brad


  4. Delightful post.Thank you for liking my post ( l wish you know. ) best regards.jalal


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