Good News 1.07

Wow, what creativity. Designers at Therefore Products have come up with a radically simple way to create light using gravity to run a LED light. They call it Gravity LIght.The intent is to affordably replace kerosene lanterns for many people in developing countries. Later this design could also be great for camping, emergency and other on demand needs. I’m hoping they can figure out how to apply this design to larger energy needs.


Here is a wonderful program that brings babies into classrooms to help teach empathy. Many children, myself included, do not learn good emotional skills coming from homes and/or schools where those skills were lacking. The cycles of neglect and abuse often start with poor emotional skills. We need to teach our children emotional skills, not just mental skills. Kudos to Mary Gordon and Roots of Empathy.

Ready for a new spin on solar? According to information from V3Solar, they have designed a way to amplify the efficiencies, costs and design of solar to achieve what could be a game changer. They estimate being able to produce solar electricity for about .08/kwh with their Spin Cell technology. Their Spin Cell design allows more concentration and utilization of solar energy while the spinning creates a cooling effect. Current solar costs about 12 to 15 cents per kwh. This would make them competitive with standard energy production. Here is a more technical review of their technology by Bill Rever.

Sometimes less is more. Here are some creative ways to live better with smaller homes. More people are choosing to live in smaller homes, in-law homes, mini homes, trailers, rent or live in smaller spaces. Bucking the trend of most Americans to have larger houses. This often allows for more focus on quality of life rather than having to work so hard to simply pay mortgages and related bills.

This program at Rikers is using nature and gardening to teach about life lessons. Select inmates at Rikers infamous “Rock” prison are learning urban landscaping and gardening thanks to James Jiler and his GreenHouse program. He teaches them how to transform the barren landscape into a lush garden oasis. In the process,they learn life lessons like renewal and transformation.

I am amazed at the dedication of Dawn. She works as a school janitor, goes to 7 hours of AP classes and then does homework until 2 AM daily. Even more amazing, this young woman has risen above neglect, abuse and homelessness to be on her way to Harvard with tuition and board paid for! Watch this touching video called Homeless to Harvard.

What’s your Good News? I’d love to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “Good News 1.07

  1. Okay, Brad, how much do the tears cost??! I just finished watching Dawn’s video…what a great role model for kids (heck, people in general). WOW! Tenacity in the face of adversity — what an inspiring and positively transformational way to overcome. All my “troubles” have suddenly evaporated. What a great way to start the week!! Thanks! 🙂


  2. You are most welcome Shauna, I appreciate your frequent visits and comments. You often add a sparkle to my day.

    Tears are my free gift to you:) Hopefully good cleansing ones! It’s interesting how perspective works. When I focus on someone else or helping someone else, my troubles often vanish too.

    your fellow scribe, brad


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