Good News 1.06

This is a touching story about a young girl’s brave and compassionate act to help a friend. She demonstrates the beauty of kindness in action. Be prepared for tears. To learn more about what she did and why, read the Help Other’s blog on noble action.

Architects are getting creative about designing new buildings that do more to help the environment. There are a slew of new projects that are beautiful, creative, use less energy and better materials. A big win for all. I’m glad to see these kind of projects spreading. My favorite was the house built from a new hemp based material. 

sustainability, inspiration

Beware random acts of kindness and strangers wanting to help you! The movement to bring sunshine to others seems to be growing. Much like the flowers given to a neighbor in this story, the gift of giving has the power to spread smiles and happiness. Beware 🙂

China is making massive commitments to renewable energy. They made the largest investment in renewables of any country in 2010 and 2012. Recently, the Ministry of Industry announced plans to build 49GW of new energy supply in 2013 from solar, wind and hydro. They are also targeting very aggressive reductions in carbon emissions, 21%, by 2015. One might wonder why we aren’t doing this?

How about a cab ride to change your life. This is a touching story about a cab driver who offered kindness to a woman with no family and nearing the end of her life. These kind of stories remind me of the power of simple acts of kindness to change a life.

Many of us have heard about net-zero building, where buildings are designed to generate sufficient energy to sustain themselves. Now a group in Chicago wants to go further with net-positive buildings. They have created The Academy for Global Citizenship. Their goal is to create a new model for education, based on holistic ideas for teaching, buildings and community with a mindset of service and stewardship.They plan to be a model for other schools and communities who want to go beyond neutral to a net-positive impact on their communities.

Last up is a touching video trailer for a new book called Far From the Tree. Be prepared to open your heart and maybe cry. This trailer beautifully sets up the challenges and rewards to embracing the “differences” in our children and each other. For me, this poignantly describes the art of appreciating our uniqueness while remembering of our commonalities.

May we find beauty in diversity and strength in unity.

4 thoughts on “Good News 1.06

  1. Hi Brad…. I’m sure enjoying all your ‘good news’! I was especially touched today by the video for that book, ‘Far From the Tree’. I’d heard the author interviewed on NPR awhile ago, and it had made me want to read it. Now I REALLY do. FYI, it’s already at our library….with 2 holds on it, and I just put a 3rd hold on it! love, Leslie


  2. Thanks for my weekly smile, Brad! Okay, truth be told, I teared up a time or two. My favorite was the taxi driver story…so glad she had him as her entrusted cabbie. Another great reminder to be open and patient and KIND — It’s always a win-win! xo


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