The Year of Allowing

I’m a little pencil in the hands of God who is scripting his love letter to the world. – Mother Teresa

I’ve decided to make this the year of allowing, with a new years resolution to allow more and strive less.

allowing, flow

By allowing, my life will naturally open to more peace, joy and richness. Much like a river, we must learn to flow with the currents of life. Then our life is more about flowing, steering and enjoying the ride. 

With the constant bombardment of messages to improve ourselves, (get happy, be successful, make more money, love more, get healthy, loss weight, etc.), is it any wonder that many of us are tired, stressed and unsatisfied. Most of us are so busy striving to improve ( to be, do and have more), that we don’t really enjoy or appreciate what is.

What would your life be like if you decided to accept yourself and life exactly as it is? What hidden blessings, joys and loves could you find right where you are? No improvement or change necessary! I don’t really know the answer to that question. I understand that our nature is to change and grow. And just maybe, if we spent more time and energy relaxing and allowing, then our lives would unfold organically with more joy and less striving.

Would you care to join me in allowing more good to flow?

I dedicate this year to allowing the blessings right where I am.

OK, we’re done here. Now, go relax. 🙂


10 thoughts on “The Year of Allowing

  1. Yes, I think I can relate to what you say — my sense is that, the more “personal growth” work I do, whether it’s through therapy, meditation, men’s groups, etc., the more I realize that the goal of this work is to teach me how to accept who I am, without suppressing or condemning any aspect of myself, rather than trying to “improve” or get closer to “perfection.”


    • Hi Chris. You got my sub text perfectly. I too have been working on myself for years, yet not sure that I’m really much better, though hopefully a little wiser and more accepting as you expressed so well. So maybe a great re-make for the title would be The Year of Accepting. Thanks for commenting.


  2. Every day I see people scrambling about the rat race, checking miscellaneous boxes, jumping over bars that just keep rising — frustrated, lonely, preoccupied folks. And then I’ll see others smiling, laughing heartily, enjoying meaningful communication — and I gravitate in their direction. Being “present in the moment” or in your eloquent words: “allowing the blessings right where I am,” is not only more attractive; it is way the I hope to live. Thanks for the wonderfully expressed reminder!!


  3. What a wonderful way to start my day with a note from my traveling friend. I just had a moment of joy reading and smiling with your words. Thanks for reminding me to enjoy “this now”. Yes, it is so much nicer to hang out with people who are present to the moment. Thanks my friend.


  4. Beautiful post allowing new ideas,new feelings ,new constructive moves.,make life more meaningful..l love Mother Teresa’s Quotation.Thank you for liking my ( About) please visit again.Sincerely jalal


  5. I join your other readers’ in agreeing with your aims and appreciating your articulate post. On a related note, as a “seasoned” dancer and choreographer, I’m investigating the notion of “ease”– not lazy, not all of the time. But looking to see when easeful is the way to fly :). More often than I’d realized for decades. Dance, life–same. Cheers


    • Thanks for the kudos. I like your analogy of dancing, ease and life. I love dance, mostly at home for the fun and feel of aliveness when I move with music. It’s similar to the idea of learning to flow like a river; find the current and work with it instead of against it. It doesn’t mean we don’t steer or work to do, but we don’t have to go upstream either! 🙂 brad


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