Good News 1.05

Hello sunshine 🙂  More good news from around the world.

Wonder is the heaviest element on the periodic table. Even a tiny fleck of it stops time. -Diane Ackerman 

Solar looks ready to shine brightly for 2013. Warren Buffet’s company recently made a large investment in solar with two big solar projects in CA.

solar crowdsourcingMosaic has started offering solar investment for smaller projects through crowdsourcing the investment in solar projects. They help connect individuals and small business with modest capital to invest in projects that are smaller and open to raising funds in a unique way. Minimum investment is only $25. To learn more, visit Mosaic’s website.

The Daily Good is a great website that is filled with inspiring people, stories and ideas for better living. They have just launched the Action for Happiness project with 10 keys for happiness based on current happiness research. Learn more about action for happiness.

Nicaragua has ambitious plans to produce 94% of their energy from renewables! They are in the process of building a large hydro plant, some solar and wind projects to achieve this remarkable goal. What’s even more amazing, there are already 45 countries that produce over 60% of their energy from renewables.

In case you wonder how good deeds spread. This post shares some science behind the spread of good deeds.

Just starting your journey to sustainable living? Here are 15 ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Apple has filed patents for a new wind turbine system. The patents are for a new kind of turbine that creates energy that can be stored and used later, even when it isn’t windy.This could be a game changer since the biggest knock on wind and solar is the energy production isn’t constant and always available when you want it.

Spread the good news!

2 thoughts on “Good News 1.05

  1. Eek, I’ve been flying too much…I missed this one but must take a moment to tell you I love the “how good deeds spread” portion — #10 summarizes my aspirations spectacularly. 🙂


  2. Thanks Shauna. I’m sure your passenger & co-worker networks are blessed too. And some of us online with you too!. 🙂 Good reminder to me how we impact others in our circles, sometimes not even being aware of the effect.


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