Love Stories

This is an awesome story about Love.

Meet Hanna, a woman who helped change the world through the simple act of writing love letters.

To read her inspiring story, click here.

Her story inspired me to write a love poem for my readers. Thank you for reading my blog. May we all remember to reach out to others who may need a hand.

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Why does my heart ache?

Maybe it’s the cloud of pain wrapped around me like a wake.

Don’t you see my pain and doubt?

I need your love, but I’m afraid to reach out.

You know the kind of pain

Where each breath is a strain

Oh, how I long to be playful and free

Like long ago when life was filled with glee

Can you reach into your heart and find a way?

Will you be the gift to make my day?


I have been blessed by friends who recognized the pain and were willing to reach into the abyss to help a friend. Thank You!


6 thoughts on “Love Stories

  1. oh my dear friend … we used to know what love is in the olden times but we forgot that definition … we are swimming in the ocean trying to find the boat …. my conclusion for this pain is that you need to be connected to your Creator … that is the message of your heart through loneliness … and hunger for love … we filled ourselves with the different definition of love, it isn’t working … no doubt …


  2. Wonderful insight Georgina. Connecting with our creator is home for our heart and soul. Thankfully, I feel connected and good. Hanna’s story and why she write’s love letters inspired me to attempt the same; remembering my pain, and how hard it can be to connect sometimes. A helping hand or love letter can make a big difference. And of course, ultimately we must be responsible for our own happiness and connection. to spreading more love in the world!


  3. Oh, Dear Brad, I don’t know what you’ve endured…but I do know that by keeping an open mind and — more importantly — an open heart (complete with bright smile/fabulous attitude, like yours), that one day (when least expected) the universe will deliver to you that which you are so deserving. Believe and it shall be… Thank you for sharing yet another fantastic post!


  4. Thanks Shauna, I have endured pain and loss like most everyone. Fortunately, I have risen above it again with the help of friends and taking more responsibility for my life and attitude. Thanks for your support. Blessings, Brad


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