Good News 1.03

I’m noticing how much good news that I’m finding now that I am looking for it.

What’s your good news?

Environmental good news, spreading the joy

Fuel from biomass is the next big idea in alternative energy. With the opening of new plants around the country, output is expected to increase almost 20 times next year in 2013. This source has progressed from experimental to a good alternative to both conventional fuels and bio fuels from corn and sugar. Biomass uses biological waste from other processes and turns it into fuel. So waste from logging, farming, crops and even household waste can be turned into useful biofuel. To learn more, read this.

On the human side, this story will restore your faith in people and their desire to do the right thing. Watch this video to see Jason, a young man with autism, who had his moment to shine and share his passion for basketball.

England is on track to meet it’s goal to generate 15% of it’s energy needs from renewable energy sources. At first, this may not seem so great, it means they must generate 30% of their electricity from renewables to meet the overall goal. For more details about this ambitious program, read here.

Another interesting biomass crop is willow due to it’s fast growth, deep roots, perennial nature and drought resistance. Because of its rapid growth, willow produces eight times as much yield per acre as a typical Northeastern forest. 800 acres of willow could produce 1 MW of energy, enough to supply 750 homes for a year according to Timothy Volk at SUNY College. For more on this promising crop, read this.

Solar continues to shine brightly. The countries largest cooperatively owned solar project was just completed in SW Colorado. Thanks to dedicated citizens, and rural electric cooperative San Miguel Power Association, Inc. (SMPA) and solar garden pioneer Clean Energy Collective (CEC). For more about this great way to share the cost and benefits of solar, read here. Go solar.

What exciting environmental projects have you heard about? I’d love to hear your stories.

Thanks for sharing the good news!

4 thoughts on “Good News 1.03

  1. Even better news! that is what promises Keshe Foundation, Belgium! Free, endless plasma energy ! For everyone! The only problem is the governements resistance!


  2. Oh my goodness, you’ve brought me to tears — yet again…What an amazing video and such a great touchstone for putting our “troubles” in perspective! Thanks for providing another positive boost, Brad!!


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