Happy Review 2012

Dear friends, fans and readers.

Thanks  to you I made some new friends, experimented with new styles like Ode to Simple Souls and new content in the Good News posts. I have learned that too much advice, no matter how good is boring and off putting. Whereas, spreading good news is both heart warming and inspiring.

My original purpose was to connect, inspire and help others thrive. I don’t know how well that I have succeeded, but I will continue to  experiment with new styles, content and ways to touch the lives of my readers. My aim is to to spread more peace, beauty and joy for 2013 while having fun. Please let me know how I can best serve you.


Writing to Freedom

Here’s an excerpt from my official WordPress stats for the year. 

My top 5 posts for 2012 are:

  1.  He Doesn’t Know
  2.  The Power of Choice
  3.  Self Love or Self Obsession?
  4.  Climate Change?
  5.  Journey into the Unknown

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012 while my blog had about 2,100 views in 2012. Together let’s climb some mountains and have some fun. Click here to see the complete report.

To a Joyful New Year in 2013!

blessings, brad


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