Everyday Heroes

Are you a hero?

Many people would cringe at the idea, but I consider anyone who is willing to reach for a better life for themselves, family or the planet to be an everyday hero.

From Collin of No Impact Man, My friend Julia Butterfly Hill says that extraordinary people are just “extra ordinary.” They are people who are willing to have their complete humanity shine out. They are willing to let the bad parts come out and be witnessed in order to let the good parts come out and be witnessed.
everyday heroes, inspiration, helping others

When we idolize someone, we are projecting those good parts of ourselves that we haven’t recognized yet in ourselves. Or we can let that them inspire us to be more, to access and share our potentials. We can be grateful for people like Julia Butterfly for showing us our potential to be a hero. Same with Mary Lightheart from here in Fayetteville, who joined Julia in a local protest to save the trees near the present day Kohls.

A hero is anyone who acts in the face of fear, loves in the face of hurt and gives freely. 

Many people at Unity inspire me with their courage to stretch, face fears, reach for dreams and give loving service to community. Thank you Annette, Kate, Christi, Rick, Pam and Steven. Your courage inspires me to be and do more. Who inspires you?      

The more that we access and share our talents and potentials, the more that we bless the world.

This doesn’t have to be some grand accomplishment. Your smile to a stranger might change their day. Your help given to a child might give them the courage to reach for their dreams. Or when you pause to breath and center, instead of reacting in fear or anger, before speaking or responding. You may never know the benefits of your kindness, but that’s OK.

Maybe we are all everyday heroes, especially with a little help from our friends.

Happy Thanksgiving and remember to count your blessings!


2 thoughts on “Everyday Heroes

  1. Hi Brad, that’s great news about the new solar energy storage system. I’m so glad you are writing about these kind of environmental issues. And yes, hurrah for everyday heroes…. sometimes it seems like ALL humans are heroes and heroines, for engaging in this harrowing adventure called LIFE!


    • Thanks Leslie, Sustainability is a care and passion of mine that I enjoy promoting, especially good news! Ultimately we all must find our venues to be heroes and heroines in this adventure called life.
      Go Team earthkeepers!


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