Environmental Opportunity

I just listened to a great interview of Hunter Lovins on the new Unreasonable Network. She made an excellent point that we can scare ourselves thinking about the environmental problems or we can devote ourselves to solving them. When enough people and companies have their focus on solving these problems, then we can move to sustainable living.

The wisdom of her talk is twofold for me. Creative and entrepreneurial people can put their focus on solutions. The world needs our great ideas and help. The more people that align with helping the environment in their day jobs, companies, daily routines, purchases and lifestyles, the better chance we have of making the global shift needed to protect our home, planet earth.

environmental challenges, climate change, sustainability

Maybe it’s time to quick distracting ourselves with consumerism. We need massive, focused effort on solving the world’s great challenges like feeding everyone, providing housing, clean energy generation, education and access to clean water. Let’s take up the environmental flag and rise united to face the great challenges of our time. Together, we can turn this into an opportunity to create better ways of living that benefit both people and the planet.

I believe these challenges are related to our spiritual journeys. We must transform ourselves, personally and collectively. It’s time to move from the “age of ego”, consumerism and personal gain into a grand new “age of heart” where quality of life and benefit to all are the main motivations. Let’s rise up and shine our lights into means for creative, sustainable living.

Maybe we could call it the environmental evolution or the oneness evolution. What names do you like? How do you think we can rally more people together for this great opportunity?

Will you join me in serving a higher purpose to help the planet?

4 thoughts on “Environmental Opportunity

  1. Love reading your post … it makes me more and more aware of the immediate environment I am living and the overall affects on the outer … and I must confess that I heard this subject over and over again but the way you put it is really piercing my way of thinking. Thanks!


  2. Well said, Brad, and this is such an important time to bring our planet and climate change to people’s attention again and diminish the denial nonsense, and find solutions vs simply being scared (great point from Hunter Lovins); this is a real window of opportunity. Thanks for focussing on this topic in your blog!


    • Thanks Leslie,
      Yes, it’s an important and large challenge, but together we can do it.. I believe better communication and inclusiveness will help. We can’t keep polarizing and demonizing people that we disagree with. Ultimately we are all in this together.


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