Does Life Have You Spooked?

Does life have you spooked? Are the angry birds circling or maybe doubt has you in it’s sticky grip? Or if you’re like me, depression can weigh on your soul. No matter which of these ghouls are visiting you this Halloween, there is hope and choice.

Halloween, Conquering Fear, Positive Attitude

For me, it’s time to shake things up with happy jumps, joyful singing, or practicing gratitude and kindness.

I still don’t have the magic formula for success, but I am enjoying using the tools and am “happy” to report that my attitude is improving. Work is fun when you do happy jumps together! Our Blue Zoo team is learning tools for happiness as part of a Happiness Makeover from Dr. Aymee Coget.

Recently a friend shared Shawn Achor’s video on success and happiness. His research shows that a positive attitude can lead to a happier, more successful life. I offer this treat to help reduce your fright on Halloween night! For a good laugh, see Shawn’s video below. Here is a summary of his findings.

Our happiness is 90% predicted by our brain’s viewpoint. Only 10% of our performance is predicted by external circumstances.

A positive attitude will predict our work success with 75% accuracy.

A positive brain is happier, more productive, more intelligent, more successful and more creative. Dopamine is produced by a happy brain which then turns on our brain’s learning centers.

Research shows that we need about 21 days to rewire our brain and integrate new habits.

Shawn suggests the following 5 habits to help create a more positive outlook on life.

Tips for Happiness

  1. Write three new things that you are grateful for each day for 21 days. This creates a pattern of looking for the good in life.
  2. Journal about one new success each day. This allows the brain to relive it and feel the positive emotion again.
  3. Routinely exercise. Exercise helps train us that action matters as well as boosts our physical health.
  4. Learn to meditate. Meditation teaches us to focus and calm our brain and emotions.
  5. Practice random acts of kindness each day. He suggests sending an email praising a colleague. Social media is a good way to praise others, and in-person kindness is wonderful.

Collectively, these practices train our brain for success and reverse the pattern of looking for happiness outside ourselves.

Chase the fright away with a few laughs on Shawn’s happiness video. 

May happiness inspire you to live a richer, fuller life.

6 thoughts on “Does Life Have You Spooked?

  1. Thank you for this wonderful, inspiring post. Happiness really is an attitude, and I too try to fulfill the five points. Especially the random acts of kindness are important to my heart, witnessing them, giving them, receiving them surprisingly always makes me feel warm and grateful. There is lots of good out there, you just have to see it. Keep on posting, I’ll be sure to keep on reading.


    • Thank you for visiting and commenting. It is wonderful to make new connections with readers. Comments are an act of kindness and reaching out. I agree that giving kindness can bring benefit both parties, especially when we give freely. thanks for stopping by, brad


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