11 Ways to Get Back Up

I have fallen many times in my life, including this year as I practiced being more proactive. Just when I was getting my attitude on track, I’d have a challenge at work, lose money in my investments, or a relationship stress. We all have challenges.

The key to success is learning how to get back up and use our challenges to learn and grow.

If you’re like me, you have dreams and goals, but maybe you’ve given up on some or all of them. We’re get tired, lazy, scared or not clear on what we want. Having chased goals that didn’t result in happiness, I’m hesitant to even set goals. Yet by not dreaming, setting goals and taking action, I’ve allowed myself to drift and my life to wither like a neglected plant.

I feel dissatisfaction from not acting on my dreams. Challenges and dissatisfaction can work for us if we use them as motivation to create a better life. I’m ready to take action and live more fully. How about you?

taking action, priorities, attitude, appreciation

Here are 11 ways to get back up when you fall:

  1. Boost your attitude. Here are some boosters that I like; jumping jacks, singing, dancing, laughter, inspirational media and hugs!
  2. Set priorities in your life. Take time to discover what you most value and enjoy, then make those the priorities in your life.
  3. Align your life with your priorities. This is the key to lasting satisfactionDedicate time, energy and action toward making them happen.
  4. Take consistent action. Consistent action toward your goals leads to achieving them.
  5. Exercise the power of choice. Choice is one of our most powerful gifts. Use it wisely.
  6. Try something new, even bold. Take risks and try new things to stretch and grow. We may fall, but we can always get back up and learn from our experience.
  7. Practice daily self care, especially meditation and time in nature. These are two potent ways to soothe body, mind and spirit. Daily exercise is another great tool.
  8. Appreciate what is working in your life. Gratitude is one of the best foundations for attitude and life. As we learn to appreciate more in our life, our perception shifts. We become more open, receptive and creative.
  9. Nurture your friends and family. Supportive relationships are crucial to our emotional well being. Underneath our goals for achievement, I believe our deepest desire is for love and acceptance. Giving love is the best way to receive it.
  10. Celebrate and play. Lighten up and don’t take yourself too seriously. Humor is a gift to everyone.
  11. Enjoy the journey along the way to your goals. Achievement rarely leads to lasting satisfaction, so make sure to enjoy the steps along the way.

How do you get back up? Please let me know. Thanks!


3 thoughts on “11 Ways to Get Back Up

  1. I really liked reading this; but I feel that if I do all that (11 ways to get back up…) I will be coming out of my heart and soul to do all those acts in order to make myself believe something else (like grasping a fake doll and pretending this is the one!) …. it may work for everybody but my wounds are too deep … sorry I did not mean to deny your 11 points ….
    They are wonderful for wonderful people who has hurt on the surface. I don’t want to become another person to run away from me, who has been shaped by genuine/true circumstances.


    • Hi Georgina,
      It sounds like you are having many challenges. I hope that you find the tools that work for you and honor the way you want to live. I have spent much of my life in pain and depression.

      I’m just starting to be more proactive about creating the life I want. Many areas are still not what I want, but I find that I feel better and life flows easier when I use the tools in the blog.

      May you find peace and love.


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