Happy Anniversary!

October 1, 2012 marked the one year anniversary for my blog and journey to create more joy in my life. The very fact that I have stayed committed to my blog and consistently taken action is a big deal for me. To my friends, family, readers and supporters, I send a big Thank You!

As I review the past year, I see progress with more joy, writing, deliberate living and a job that allows my writing and creativity expression. Thank you Eric, Collin, Megan and Dianne of team Blue Zoo.

Happy Anniversary!

There are an abundance of good ideas floating around my head and the internet. The challenge is to decide, focus and take action. We need to set goals, then take action to align our lives with the goals that are important to us.

I’m considering making this blog more practical with action tips and monthly habits. This would be a way for us to practice new habits that support our goals. Research  shows that it takes at least 14-21 days to create a new habit. We could practice one new habit each month for 21 days, then integrate and rest for a few days. In this way, each month we would be anchoring a new habit in our lives. After a year we would have 12 new habits that support our goals. And most likely, we would have a dramatically improved life that moves us toward our dreams.

This has been a year of building a blog to inspire and connect with people around the world. As I review my progress, I see both accomplishments and areas for improvement. As I’ve written about previously, these small steps can add up to progress that builds to our dreams and goals.

My accomplishments are:

  1. Blogging for over a year. My one year anniversary was October 1.
  2. Writing 83 posts in the first year.
  3. Connecting with some wonderful people online. Zeenat, Ken and Joy come to mind. Thank you.
  4. Receiving support from near and far. Thank You.
  5. Improving my writing skills.
  6. Writing as my primary role with Blue Zoo Creative.

My areas to improve are:

  1. Building a more engaged audience- I will be reviewing my focus, content and style to see if I can improve this blog. Your comments and feedback would greatly help.
  2. Building my subscriber list- any likes, shares, comments are very appreciated!

Thanks for sharing my journey to joy. I hope that you’ve enjoyed and benefited from some of the signposts along the way.



2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. Congratulations, Brad! that takes perserverance and courage, in my opinion, to blog about your inner self and your intentions and inspirations and growth for a year. Bravo! and your writing savvy and skills continue to increase. Yay!


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