The Magic Formula for the Good Life

Everyone wants to find the magic formula for the good life. And marketers are very happy to sell it to us. Want the formula for higher blog traffic?  click here. Want to have more love in your life?  click here. Want to be rich beyond your dreams?  click here.

The problem with these programs is that we are being sold a lie. Neither truth nor your life can be reduced to a list or a formula. Life is both more complex and more simple than a formula. And truth is a very subjective and personal matter. Your truth is not my truth and my truth is not your truth. The only truth for me is what feels right inside me and actually works for me. You can’t give me the formula. You can only give me some pointers along the trail.

You can share what has worked for you, but please don’t tell me this is THE truth. Do you have any friends who have found the perfect diet or a new way to make money? Suddenly in their enthusiasm to share, they forget that this is their truth, not my truth, and certainly not THE truth for everyone.

The Magic Formula

What is it in our human nature that makes us want to convert others to our path? Are we afraid to be alone, wrong or unloved? I suspect it’s fears like these as well as our need to connect and contribute. We want to feel useful and connected, especially as our lives gets busier and more isolating, but that’s another post.

Ultimately, we need to accept responsibility for our lives, make choices, take actions and learn from what happens. Then repeat as necessary. Maybe this is the magic formula for the good life!

In my blogging, I share ideas for what has worked in my life in hopes of helping you on your life journey. I share them as my answers, not necessarily your answers. Please listen and trust yourself as the best guide to happiness, success and love. Then choose and take action. Choice is perhaps our greatest gift and power. For more on the power of choice, read this.

OK, let’s wrap up this post. The main point is to remind us to be gentle in dispensing our wisdom. Share it, but share it as what has worked for you, not the ultimate guide to enlightenment for all beings or magic formula for the good life.

That concludes my sermon for today. Please contribute to my worthy cause by sharing the happy juice below.

Thanks and Amen!

preacher brad

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