The Ultimate Success Formula

Every day we are bombarded by messages to read, review or buy the latest formula for success, whether in business, personal development or relationships.

I’d love to give you the ultimate success formula, the last one that you would ever need, but in my experience they rarely work. And yet the paradox of life is that they often do work. Ultimately whether they work or not has more to do with the quality of you; your thoughts feelings, and choices. Maybe there is a best formula for successful living, in Bobby McFerrin’s wonderful song and lyrical reminder – “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”.

That latest success program that you just bought may or may not work. The key factor in your success is puttting the best of you into your life. Don’t worry so much about finding the magic formula for success, happiness or love. The key is you. What are you putting into your job, relationships and success? Are you making conscious, loving choices or are you blindly following some formula given to you by others? No one and no thing outside you can really tell you how to live your life. Not even me!

The only authority that you ever need is inside you, patiently waiting for you to stop, say hello and listen. It’s time to listen to that inner aspect called self, spirit or God. You hold the keys to the kingdom. Will you listen to your inner wisdom or will you spend eternity chasing the advice of others like I have?

Ultimate Success Formula

For far too long I’ve chased the advice of others, because I didn’t learn to trust myself. People were often telling me what to do and I obediently followed. I wanted to be liked, loved, accepted, comfortable, successful and lots of other external things. Yet rarely has the advice of guru, teacher or expert helped me in matters of personal development. The best teacher is life experience and listening within.. Occasionally I have been graced with the precious gift of love and acceptance from others. These were far better gifts than all the expert advice in the world.

And even that gift pales next to the richness of loving and accepting myself. How I’ve longed for the trust, confidence and wisdom to follow an inner directed path. I suspect the magic success formula involves being quiet, listening and accepting self.

I have felt the most peaceful when I have been still, resting in quiet, nature or beingness. These were special moments when I was content with myself and life. Rathing than chasing something outside of myself, I was enjoying the moment, being present, and allowing life to gently unfold. The less striving, following rules and formulas, the better.

After 20 plus years of searching, I still haven’t found many of the answers to my questions. But the answers aren’t as important to me as they once were. I’m learning to relax more, appreciate what I do have, and celebrate my progress. Maybe this is the ultimate success formula, for me. You will have to discover your own!

May we enjoy the journey, the mystery and the process itself.

muse brad

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