Inspiring New Stories

Copy writers are often encouraged to evoke pain or strong emotion as a way to grab reader’s attention. We are told to describe the problem, establish our authority, and then encourage action. Many popular blogs use this strategy to sell their programs. Some of us are tired of problems being used to motivate and manipulate, often to buy something. This is also true of the environmental and personal growth movements. Not good juju.

Let’s get creative and break the mold. We already know the problems and their associated pains. Many of us can be gently lead with positive, life enhancing stories and messages that attract us. Let’s let go of pain as our primary motivator.

Am I naive to believe that we don’t need to hook people with pain? The answer is probably yes, but that isn’t why I’m choosing to write my new stories with positive motivators. I’m choosing to treat you how I want to be treated. I believe that we can be inspired to act with positive emotion and stories. Let’s focus more on creating what we do want in our lives. Let’s let go of the problems, pain and stories that keep us stuck in the past.

Inspiring New Stories

Let’s spread good news about what is working in our lives, share uplifting stories, and inspire each other. Maybe we can talk more about what we like about our friends, our country, our work and our lives. Let’s evolve, not struggle and revolt against the problems. If we feed the dreams and solutions, then what works will grow. What doesn’t work will fade away as we focus more on solutions, joys and positive stories.

My new stories involve the joys of writing, sharing (inspiration, beauty, and appreciation) and connecting. They will nurture deeper, more meaningful connections, sustainability and helping others to grow. Here are some tips for using questions to build connections from one of my favorite blogs, Positive Provocations. Enjoy.

What’s your story? Make it a great one!

muse brad

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