Say No To Boring List Posts!

Are you tired of list posts?

I could write another boring list post, but then I would have to change my title 🙂

Say No To Boring List Posts!

I’d like to be popular and have a big audience, but my inner muse doesn’t want to follow the rules for blogging success and write another boring how to list blog post. Yet the average reader seems to want, even love, how to list posts. How to posts continue to be some of the most popular posts, used routinely on successful blogs like Copyblogger, The Bridgemaker, Meant To Be Happy, Think Traffic and more.

We seem to want to be told what to do. We want simpler lives. We are looking for the condensed easy version, ready to go, no thinking required, formula for life. Many people fear the mystery and unknown, trying to avoid risk by following formulas for success in life, business, health or dating. I would give you the magic formula, but it’s lost in all my how to posts. All I have is my truth, inspiration and unique perspective on life. Plus if I told you, I’d have to delete you.

You won’t find any lists in this post for the following reasons.

  1. I’m allergic to them.
  2. You deserve better posts.
  3. We are all unique, even when we imitate each other.
  4. The muse is on vacation.
  5. Are you laughing, crying or mad?

Yes I broke the rules, used run on sentences and mixed viewpoints from I to you to we and back to me. Sometimes a guy just wants to have fun.

Meanwhile, back to my rant. Just don’t do it! Say no to boring list posts.

Be creative, find your own voice and say hello to your inner muse. Try something new. Do you hear the collective sigh of relief? Creatives everywhere are celebrating.

How did I do? Was this fun? Are you inspired to write your own post? Will you ever visit my blog again? Inquiring writers want to know.

Please share the happy juice, comment and do all that social media stuff.

Chuckles, Brad.


8 thoughts on “Say No To Boring List Posts!

  1. I’m not sure what a “how to list” post is, but you’re right: we all deserve better than to be told how to do stuff. I prefer poetry myself — and humorous posts. 🙂 Something that makes me think. (Maybe I should do a post on how to provoke readers — err… to thinking.) Wishing you success as you do unique posts.


    • Hi Christine,
      Thanks for visiting and commenting. I’m learning to break free of the same old mold. I hope to treat my readers to more unique posts with humor and creativity. Looks like you have fun with your blog too.
      to humor & provoking more thought, brad


  2. Hi Brad, nice blog!
    I’m fairly new to blogging but have also noticed people tend to use ‘how-to’ lists frequently.
    They are easy on the eye, but I do enjoy the meat of a full blog.
    Maybe it depends on if I’m in a ‘fast food’ mood or a ‘sit down dinner’ mood! 😉


    • Hi Denise,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your description of fast food vs dinner; it brough a smile to my face. And yes, sometimes I like to read list posts, have written them in the past and probably will again, but I wanted to put out an alternative perspective. It’s surprising how many successful bloggers not only use list posts, but encourage others to use them as a formula for success. I think the best formula is to be oneself.

      Thanks for dining a Cafe Brad!


    • LOL Thanks for indulging me. Laughter rocks. XD BTW, self love and compassion have helped me a lot in the last year. I’m starting to wind down from the need to improve myself and just accept and be myself.


      • Cheers to that! I get caught in the self-improvement trap, taking myself too seriously and trying to force progress or change too soon. I’m going to try a little more acceptance from now on.


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