The Power of Play

My Wake Up Call came from reading a blog by Chris Assaad about seeing the world through the eyes of a child.

His blog reminded me that I’ve been too busy and serious lately. It’s time to create some time and space for my inner child to play. Anyone want to join me? Let’s have a party filled with wonder, carefree play, spontaneity, joy, curiosity and whatever else we dream up.

You may have children of your own to play with. I delight in playing the role of uncle to my brother’s three sweet children, well, most of the time!  Spending time with them allows me to see the world from a simpler, more innocent perspective. They model wonder, play, curiosity and making things up.

The Power of Play

Imagination is an aspect that we often forget to allow expression in our lives. Our imagination wants to be free to dream up wonderful new ideas that may or may not ever come to manifestation. It doesn’t matter. The mere act of imagining fires up the neurons, evokes feelings and allows us to experience something new without having to do it in the world.

Certainly if you have a great idea, then do everything you can to nurture, grow and bring it to manifestation. But let’s save that blog on manifesting for another day when my serious self is back in charge. For today let’s go  dance, play, imagine and make things up.

I believe that our spirits and children thrive in play, imagination and time off from structure and doing. Our educational systems and busy lives seem to push our children to memorize, adhere to rules and compete too early. Why can’t we let them play and be kids for longer? There will plenty of time to study later.

But that’s another serious topic for another day. Let’s go play, dance in the street, wear funny hats or whatever our child wants to do. Let go a little. See what happens if you give yourself time to play. I like to sing in the shower, walk around my yard with no shoes, skip for no reason and just be silly. Discover the power of play for yourself. You might feel a little silly, but refreshed too.

How do you let your inner child out? Please share your play ideas. Our kids will thank us.

muse brad


2 thoughts on “The Power of Play

  1. Having a real kid with me helps shed the ‘too silly’ feelings. Then I allow myself to skip down the sidewalk, hop in circles and pretend that I’m flying up the stairs.
    What a breath of fresh air kids bring us!


    • Hello again Denise, I’m glad that more of us are learning to play, often with the help of kids. And I like your blog tag line, moving from surviving to thriving. Playing helps ease the journey.

      happy travels!


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