Just Be Now

Most of us have heard the phrase Be Here Now.

In fact for many of us it has become a sort of mantra for living in the now. We remind ourselves and friends to “Be Here Now”. Ram Dass popularized the phrase in his book of the same title. His book was an inspiration to many on the path to self realization.

The phrase has become a form of cultural icon for the personal development field. One of our wise leaders at Unity, Annette Olsen, suggested that we drop the “here” and just be now.  At first my mind baulked, saying this is semantics. My ego mind reacted as if I had penned the famous phrase and she was suggesting to edit my precious best seller! But the more I’ve held the idea in body and mind, the more I like it.

Annette’s suggestion was that by dropping the word here, we drop the sense of separation. The phrase” be here now” seems to imply that we are somewhere other than here or somehow not connected to the present moment. In truth, as I have written before, we can never be separated from here or now. Unfortunately, we are not always conscious of these connections.

Living consciously and purposefully is the essence of most spiritual paths. Sometimes we disagree on the how or even the goal, but we agree that living consciously per our values is key.

Just  Be Now

The idea to “be now” is the essence of simplicity. By gently reminding ourselves to be now, we are getting to the root of our true self; our beingness. As Eckhart Tolle reminds us, being is the essence of who we are. When we are conscious of being, then we are connected to a deeper, wiser aspect of ourselves and life. Living from beingness, our thoughts, words and actions are inspired from deeper truths like love and wisdom.

This is the opposite of living from ego (mind or small self). Our minds tend to think in terms of separation and personal gain and loss. By training our mind to serve our bigger self  (heart/ god/ beingness), we bring our thoughts into alignment with our true nature.

Then, with our minds connected consciously to beingness, our lives flow. We have tapped the deepest resources available to us. We are living fully in the present moment, conscious of our connections to life within and around us. And of course any words are simply symbols pointing toward the truth, but not the truth. So don’t worry about the words or getting it right, simply be. Allow your true self to shine, infusing your life with love and wisdom.

Just Be Now.

blessings, Brad

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