Climate Change?

Is there climate change?

Does anyone know the truth? Does anyone care? What is a concerned citizen to do? The record heat might be a clue. There are a staggering number of questions, an abundance of rhetoric on all sides and precious few solutions being offered.

Seemingly the first step is to bring our country back to the people. Corporations, special interest and big money players have taken over and ruined the game. Here is Al Gore’s take on the situation and political process needed to enact change.

When I look on the environmental side, I’m not sure we have a chance at making enough impactful changes to divert disaster. Here is Bill McKinnen’s perspective on the environment and climate change. This is not the new math I hoped for!

Clearly, it is time for us to be more active environmentalists. My intention is to stop supporting people, organizations, processes or products that perpetuate the problems. The key will be to focus on solutions, living gently and being a positive model for living on this precious planet.

Let’s share good ideas for what could work. The time is now to take action towards a better future. It will require big shifts in attitude, the way we live, our laws and our corporations. If true stewardship were the primary goal, for people and organizations, we might be able to create a thriving planet for people, plants and animals.

Climate Change?Here some of my ideas:

1- We must care enough to be the change. It’s time to live for the good of all; making stewardhip our top priority.

2- Shift to an experience based life and economy. Buy less, live and enjoy life more.

3- Daily revel in the beauty of nature. This will open our minds and hearts to the amazing home we have been gifted. Our appreciation will nourish all life.

4- Add stewardship to all corporate charters so that by law we must protect the planet.

5- Make radical changes in our energy use. First reduce energy use, get more efficient and use cleaner sources immediately. The best choices seem to be nuclear, wind, solar and thermal.

6- Become a true democracy of the people, by the people and for the people.

Please join the party. I’d love to hear your ideas. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “Climate Change?

  1. What strikes me while traveling in other countries (such as Australia) is how much people outside the US are so much more aware of what’s going on environmentally, how they are more accepting of regulations and policies geared toward protecting the planet and its resources, and how they ‘just do it’ – whatever is necessary without all the political wrangling and proselytizing about the trade-offs between environmental priorities and economic priorities. Here it is again – the ‘us and them’ view of the world – missing completely the connectedness of the environment and the economy.


    • Hi John, thanks for sharing a larger world view. I’m glad to hear that other countries are more accepting of the big changes needed. With governments, businesses and individuals working together, we might turn this around. Yes, it’s got to be all of us.


  2. John writes about the countries who give climate change a big priority — these would be in the developed world. There are a lot of third world countries that care not a whit for the environment, but are doing what they can to catch up with the “modern” world. Like Brazil clearing their rainforest & turning it into ranch land to have beef for export.

    North Americans will have a hard sell in our efforts at a cleaner world because we’re saying we don’t want those people to have what we have. We want “underdeveloped countries” to stay underdeveloped to protect the environment. A lot of them won’t buy it.

    As far as nuclear energy is concerned, the province of Ontario “bet the farm” years back and went for nuclear power in a big way. They’ve had so much trouble with it and have had to shut down reactors. Ontario is pretty much bankrupt now and nuclear energy has been one big force pushing it over the edge.

    Quebec went for water-generated power and they are selling power right & left. But it meant dams. Of course environmentalists objected until they saw what a danger a nuclear meltdown was.

    When I was a girl the big theory was a coming ice age. Then came global warming. Now the global warming theory has suffered from a heavy dose of realty as the world is entering another cold cycle. (At least we sure are here. :)) I’m all for protecting the environment when it comes to ending pollution, but it’s pretty hard to come up with long-term predictions about what the climate will do; it flip-flops so much.


    • Welcome back Christine.

      I appreciate your thoughtful response. What I most hope is that lots of people care enough to have conversations like this as a start. But even more so, to begin to live in ways that are gentler to the environment. No doubt that we have a tough time telling other people to not enjoy like we have.

      I believe some key areas are; 1- living more simply, more about quality of living than consuming products and 2- focus our minds and hearts on solutions. 3- using technology that is less harmful to the planet.

      4-No more debate over climate change. It a distraction from the real problem of the damage from using fossil fuels as our primary energy source.

      On the nuclear arena, I was sceptical at first, but have come around as I read more & talk with a local friend who has researched these matters in great detail. There are new reactors that are smaller, cheaper and much more efficient at using the plutonim & uranium ( 90-95% versus maybe 10% currently). They can actually use the nuclear waste piles we have now, greatly reducing one of the key challenges to nuclear use.

      thanks for caring and writing, brad


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