Spacious Living

Thanks to a great talk and guided experience with Ben Worth, I will be practicing spacious living this week.

My practice will be to pause and allow myself the spaciousness of a bigger perspective during the day, especially when something challenges me or I feel a tightnesss in my body.

Ben guided us in a mediatation where we could experience in our body the difference between focusing on form or focusing on the space in between forms. This gives us a way to experience life from the vastness of being while witnessing the flow of form through our life. For a look at Ben’s latest work, visit his website His process was incredibly useful for me as I learn best from experience in a kinesthetic body oriented way. Although I’ve a read 1000s of books and gained much knowledge, much of it hasn’t been well integrated in my life because I haven’t experienced it. Too many times, it’s just a good idea. When I practice something in my life, it becomes part of my body, knowing, and experience. Then the lesson is integrated in a tangible way.

This is a good reminder for me to practice what I want to become.

Otherwise it’s just another good idea to be filed away in the hollows of my mind. Life is meant to be lived, so we must reach out to engage life in it’s many forms. The sticky messy aspeacts of life as well as the easy breazy fun stuff! Another great reminder from Ben was to  be willing to embrace the pain and suffering. His perspective is that pain is a gift to help us open to more life. I bet you’ve heard this idea many times, but to experience it brings a deeper level of integration into our lives.

spacious living

Maybe you’ll join me in my practice of spaciousness this week. Let’s pause before we react, close down, retreat, or attack when life is challenging. Even when life is working, let’s pause to allow the flow of consciousness into the spaces, creating a much fuller experience of the moment. Last night I was practicing while eating; mindfully tasting, smelling, and appreciating my food.

I realized why gratitude works so well for many of us. Gratitude also takes us beyond the realm of form into the land of heart, being, and the spaciousness of life. When your mother told you to count your blessings, she was right! It’s important to feel the gratitude or spaciousness. Otherwise, it’s just a clever concept in our mind, and we will have missed the beauty, fullness and magic of the moment.

It’s never too late to start enjoying the vastness, beauty and magic of life. Simply take a deep breath, adding a little space in your day of doing, to allow for being to enter. Then it matters much less what we do because we are being our true self; shining our light onto the world and people around us. Like a plant, we thrive in light.

Shine on!

Your turn!

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