Communing with Nature

I frequently revel in the beauty of nature. This helps me to commune with nature.

I enjoy the sights, smells, activity and harmony of our wonderful home. I find great delight in watching the birds play or the spring flowers blooming. And I often ponder our human role and why it seems that we don’t live in harmony with the rest of the natural ecosystem. Thankfully we are learning gentler ways of living, creating, and communing. This gives me hope and inspiration to play my part.

Yesterday I celebrated Earth Day in several fun ways. I rode my bike, appreciating the sights and smells along the way, while enjoying the rush of movement through time. Maybe that is a metaphor for our lives. The movement of spirit in and through form. Next I celebrated with friends and garden spirits at the Unity community gardens.  And finally, I rested in appreciation for my growing home garden.

My Earth Day celebration started Saturday with a lecture by Dan Phillips on the creative use of scrap and recycled materials to build one a kind, quality and affordable houses. For more info, here is a link to his website. Saturday night I enjoyed the music of Donna & Kelly of Still on the Hill, joined by an amazing collection of local talent.  We are truly blessed with musical talent in this area. Thanks to all the musicians, organizers, OMNI, and attendies. This Celebration of Trees event supported the efforts to restore the Ozark Chinquapin tree in our region.

The concert reminded me of my passion for nature and desire to live more attuned to how I can help the planet thrive. As I’ve been hearing lately, the quality of our questions, determines the quality of our answers. Last night I received better ideas on how to align my life with my values, passions and nature.

My growing vision was nurtured by a process that Geoff Oelsner shared with us at Unity.

He guided us through an attunement process where we asked a question of nature, relaxed into deep stillness, then opened and attuned to the nature around us. Many of us experienced new insights and ways of connecting with nature. For me, I saw the beauty in all the people pouring blessings into our gardens, then felt a wave of aliveness and gratitude pass through my body.

My intention is to continue to align my life, work and play with my passions for helping people and the planet thrive.

I believe that we have a universal purpose to bring love into action, each with our own unique blend of passions, gifts, and desires. Mine happens to be more nature centered. And I believe our health is connected to the planet’s health.

communing with nature

Openess is a key in communing with nature. I’ve previously blogged about our ability to tune to spirit. Honoring nature and garden spirits was a perfect way for me to celebrate Earth Day. Afterwards, I repeated the process at home with my own garden. I look forward to nurturing my awareness of the subtle energies in nature.

Much like building a relationship, we must learn to open, listen and attune to the “other”. Whether the other is nature, our partner or a new friend, Relationships are built upon many foundations, often starting with openness and trust.

Alan Seale posted a recent blog  about deep relationship. In it he said “how much we are willing to open ourselves and be fully present in our authentic selves and in a flow with the other person or group – determines whether we are just having a conversation or whether we are building a relationship. It’s not about the topic as much as it about the presence and the level of engagement. Deeper relationship is ultimately an energetic heart connection with another. And it is through open-hearted presence that transformation can most easily occur.”

I’ve enjoyed a great appreciation and passion for nature for years. Now I’m learning how to go deeper and integrate my life with the beautiful world that supports us. I hope that my photos and words help you to commune with nature and self.

To all my relations!

Your turn!

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