Freedom Now

I’m ready to be free; to reclaim my power in the now.

 Too often I look for reasons to be dissatisfied in the now. I’m tired of holding myself back from life and feeling good. My mind frequently tells me that there is something I must change outside of myself in order to be happy. Recently I’ve joined the Blue Zoo Creative team. This is both exciting and challenging. I’ve become attached to my routines, freedoms, and focus on self.

In adjusting to new circumstances, routines and skillsets, I’ve been challenged to keep my center. Next I tumble into negative thinking and feeling bad. Then my mind starts looking for reasons why and finding things to do or change in order to be OK. This is the trap of mind that I frequently visit. The trap of looking outside myself for peace, joy and happiness.

Our troubles are rooted in our minds and the concept of past and future. We worry about what happended before or what might happen in the future. From everything that I have read and experienced, this is the path to struggle and frustration. It’s certainly not the path to peace and joy. We can never find true or lasting happiness in circumstances or in trying to change circumstances in order to be happy.

Happiness must be found and created from the inside out. This is true freedom and lasting peace; when we reclaim our power of choice in the here and now. There is no other time or place to be free. Our true power and freedom lie in the present moment, by connecting deeply with life and our spiritual nature.

Freedom Now

Today I’m renewing my commitment to create peace and joy.

I’ll continue to blog about my progress and tools. Tools like choice, action, love, gratitude, small improvements, and forgiveness. The only way to build a joyful life is to start here in the now. I’ll be using love and appreciation as my primary tools for creating lasting peace and joy. I believe there is no higher purpose than to focus on what I love about my life and share those passions.

As with any decision, our commitment will be tested. My mind is already busy finding reasons to abandon this path along with the changes necesary in order to be happy. I need to remember that no external changes are necesary to be happy. True freedom is now; when I remember, choose, and act on this truth. I claim my power to be happy and free here and now.

Pause, choose, and be free. Here and Now.

Blessings, Brad

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