The Power of Choice

You cannot live in alignment if you resist life, if you resist what is, if you complain about life, or have a quarrel with the present moment. – Eckhart Tolle

Our power is in our ability to choose.

We always have choice. Maybe not to change the circumstances, but always in how we respond, and where we place our time and attention. Sometimes we like what life brings us and sometimes we don’t. Then we get into resistance.  But where we are in life is the result of our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions.

Therefore, our first choice is whether to accept or resist what is.

The essence of acceptance is to resist nothing. Then we can make choices in how we respond, but we must start with accepting what is, whether this is a feeling or a circumstance. Energetically a mind in resistance is closed. A mind in acceptance can be curious; open to new possibilities,  hidden meanings and blessings.

When we are fully present with ourselves and the moment, we reclaim our power to engage life from our deepest truth. Alternatively, we can react impulsively which usually leads to more problems and drama. When we make conscious choices centered in who we are and who we want to be in the world, we claim our power and creativity.

the power of choice

We can steer our lives, but we are not in control of the flow.

Our key choices are what direction, what qualities, and what speed. What qualities is probably the most important choice that we make or don’t make. We become loving by choosing to be loving. Then acting in ways that support love with our choices of thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. It works the same with a goal like being healthy. We start with choosing to be healthy, then aligning our life choices to support that goal. 

What to choose is often the bigger challenge for me because we live in a world with so many choices. We can also choose to sit on the sidelines, which I have done far too much in my life. It takes courage to jump in the water, not knowing what lies within. The only way to find out is to jump in. Then we can steer, make corrections, and new choices as we learn the waters. It’s much easier to steer while flowing in the river than stuck on the side.

Take a deep breath and jump in with me. We can help each other. And life is much more fun and interesting when we play together.

Let’s play in the water of life together.


9 thoughts on “The Power of Choice

    • Hi, Thanks for commenting and visiting my blog. Yes, choice is wonderful, amazing, & overwhelming at times for me. I liked your post on gratitude. Gratitude has been a foundation for me lately.

      Be Free! Brad


    • Thank you so much Leslie,

      It means a lot to me that you read & value my posts. I write both for myself and others, as well as to learn and share. It helps my motivation to be acknowledged. I enjoyed the Harmonia performance at UA. It’s always a treat to hear & feel the joy you spread. And I liked Leah’s perspective for the international music to be an ambassador for international relations. Can’t have too much love & understanding in the world!

      Thanks for touching my heart.
      Blessings, Brad


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