Intuitive Dancer

I’m realizing that life would be easier if I approach my life like I do dancing. I’m a pretty good dancer. I dance by intuition, feeling the music, then moving. I’m learning to become an intuitive dancer with life; the eternal dance between spirit and body. I borrowed the phrase intutive dancer from a song by Dave Fournet. Thanks Dave!

With dancing I relax, listen and allow the music to “move” me. The key ingredients are opening, listening, trusting, and moving. The dance of life starts with acknowledging your partner; your essence, higher self, soul, god, or all one.

The second step is to embrace your partner; say hello, get to know them, visit often, ask questions, and give them the love & attention due a respected elder. In other words, your focus must be totally present with the moment.

The third step is to trust what your partner says. To believe that they are giving their love & wisdom, guiding you in your life. And if you fall, it’s just a misstep while you learn the dance. Life is a learning process to discern the signals from our soul. It requires practice just like with dancing.  We need to learn each other’s rhythms, style, and preferences.

The final step in this dance is to move; to get up and do it.  We must act upon our inner guidance in order to complete the dance of life. Spirit wants to flow into form in new, creative, dynamic, life enhancing ways. The more we practice, the more we know our partner, allowing us to become a graceful, intutive dancer.

Now go find your partner, get up, and dance!


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