Flow, Conscious Union, & Love

Mastering flow starts with making conscious union with spirit. Flow could also be called learning to love. It’s not as important who or what you love. What matters more is to allow love to flow in your life.

Here are some passive ways to connect with spirit featuring receptivity.

1- Opening and inviting. For me, the process starts with consciously opening myself to spirit. When I’m very open, I feel a rush of energy through my body with tingles from my head to my toes. Yum. I definitely love those times, but I’m not always that aligned with spirit. The important part is willingness. Be willing to open; inviting spirit to flow. We are meant to be channels for good to flow in the world.

2- Meditation. Routinely spend time in meditation to quiet the mind and listen for the urges of spirit.

3- Stillness. Being still is another great way for tuning to the messages of spirit. The messages can come as thoughts, words, pictures or many other forms. Be still and listen.

Give yourself peaceful pauses throughout the day: times of stopping to access your peaceful center. There is comfort and security to be found there. Our center is our Source, and our Source is peace. ~ Jan Lundy

Here are some active ways to connect with spirit that feature more doing.

1- Follow your joy.  Spend more time doing things that you truly enjoy. This builds flow from a doing perspective. Three of my favorites are walking, dancing, and taking photos.

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” Rumi

2- Practice gratitude. Routinely spend time appreciating the good already in your life. It has been said that appreciation is the foundation for all success and abundance. Gratitude engages the flow by expanding our awareness of the good already occuring in our lives.

3- Enjoy beauty. Similar to gratitude, beauty is the expression of life in personally pleasing ways. By looking for beauty, we tend to find it. As I practice looking for beauty in the world, I’m finding more beauty within and without.

4- Acknowledge a higher power. Whether you consider this power God, spirit, nature, or your higher self, it is  important to acknowledge and be part of something bigger than our personal selves.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” Rumi

Come join me in this field where we meet to play in conscious union.


4 thoughts on “Flow, Conscious Union, & Love

  1. Absolutely beautiful! All of my ‘favorites’ in one article: flow, love, opening to spirit, gratitude, Rumi, and a gorgeous flower:) When I meditate on heart openings, I always vision my heart as a beautiful rose blossoming.
    Wonderful tips on ways to connect with spirit…I use each as I move through my day. I love the beautiful simplicity of experiencing spirit!


    • Joy, I’m delighted to have you visit and comment on my post.

      Thanks for the big warm hug I feel from your loving words touching my heart. You have a gift for empowering, loving words. Thank you.

      I love the image of your heart as a rose blossoming.




    • Thanks for your comment and visiting my blog Justin.

      Yes, nurturing our soul is very important, maybe the most important thing we can do. Just this morning I was enjoying the deep stillness of a good meditation & wondering whether to blog again about meditation as the pause that refreshes. What do you think?


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