Flow: Moving from Resistance to Acceptance

Flow is about moving with life in conscious union and co-creation.

I’m learning about flow in my life. I’ll write more about the union part in my next blog. This blog will focus more on how to shift from resistance to acceptance.flow

Life wants us to flow. Flow starts with acceptance. Then we can move to allowing or even appreciating. When we resist, we create pain and struggle in our lives. When life won’t go the way we want, then maybe it’s time to go the way life wants.

The best way to flow with life is to say thank you to anything that shows up in your life. Or at least be willing to accept what is. If it’s something you asked for, wonderful, you are manifesting very well. If it isn’t something that you asked for, but you like it, then relax and enjoy. The tricky part comes when something you didn’t ask for and don’t like shows up. This is the time to put on your big boy and big girl pants! In other words, instead of reacting, resisting, and creating lots of drama around this event, we can move up to a higher, bigger perspective.

The shift comes when we are willing to move to a place of choice. Even if we don’t want or like the situation, we have choice about how we respond to it. Once we are in choice, we reclaim our power and can shift to a larger, broader perspective. Beyond choice, we have an opportunity to discover what life is asking us to do.

This is where the potential for transformation comes in. We have an opportunity to move beyond our current patterns for how we live in the world. We can do this by being willing to discover what life is asking us to do or embrace. The posture of being open and willing is very transformative. Alan Seales has 2 great questions to help us shift to allowing. Who do I want to be? And what wants to happen? Try these questions with your next challenge.

As I have practiced acceptance and discovery, I have begun to open up to a richer, fuller life. I’m not rejecting parts of myself with judgement and resistance. My feelings are able to flow as I accept and feel them. Another way to flow is to practice radical acceptance, a body of work by Tara Brach. In her process, you welcome the event or feeling into your mind, body and heart. Treat it like a special friend. Ask how they are doing? What does it want from you? What is the message for you?

Body movement is another great way to help shift stuck feelings and energy. Or you can take a walk or meditate. Whatever works for you to accept and embrace the challenges in your life. I happen to like dancing around my living room. I call it flow dancing! This is my way of connecting to a deeper, wiser, more loving part of myself. My essential nature. My being.

I believe that our bodies thrive on movement. Too little movement and our bodies become sluggish, dis-eased and conditons set in. Similarly, our emotions are meant to flow. When we can embrace and allow our feelings to flow, then we have grace and ease in our minds, body and life.

I’m saying yes to more of life and life is saying yes back. This is connected to my gratitude practice. Life is bringing me more to enjoy. In turn, I’m learning to flow with life.

Ultimately I won’t need to judge anything as good or bad. Life is what it is. My role is to look for the good, the message or the blessing in what comes my way. The process for me has been to accept, listen, then take inspired action.

Keep moving and allowing life to flow through you. We are meant to be channels for spirit to manifest in this world. Next I’ll be blogging about living in the flow, where we are consciously co-creating our lives.

Until next time, go with the flow!

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