3 Steps to Massive Success

Here are my 3 steps to massive success!

Just kidding, I don’t have the magic formula, but if I had to pick 3 steps to success, I’d say energize, visualize and act.

Gratitude, for what you have, is a great place to start. Building a foundation of good feelings and gratitude is essential to create the life of your dreams.

It’s all too easy too get stuck in a negative spiral of bad feelings, negative thoughts and inaction. I have definitely been there, done that and I don’t recommend it as the best path to happiness. Though, every experience can serve us if we pay attention and are willing to learn. My lesson was to take action. Any action to break the negative spiral. Many times any action or decision is better than no decision and getting stuck in fear and analysis.

Go for a walk. Play with your child or pet. Go sing, dance or practice gratitude. Any way that you can get out of your poopy brain (inner critic, monkey mind, little self), relax and allow life to flow is key. Physical movement is a great way to do this for me.

My inspiration often comes when I’m not trying to make it happen! More often it comes when I’m flowing in the moment of life with no attempt to force the issue. This is often how ideas for this blog happen. I’m walking, cooking, meditating and the ideas just start flowing. Sometimes I stop and write, other times I trust the ideas will be there later.

To determine the 3 best steps for massive success, we could have a faceoff between the success coaches and the spiritualists.

The uber success coaches like Tony Robbins yell at us in capitals to TAKE MASSIVE ACTION! They proclaim that we need to make clear, detailed goals, commitments and then massive, repeated action in the direction of our goals. Sounds like a lot of work to me.

On the other side, we have the gentle new age gurus who proclaim that all we need is to do is allow! Being in the open state of flow will attract whatever we want by the power of attraction. Sounds easy, but sounds a little like magical thinking to me.

So what’s an enlightened soul to do? Make goals and take action or be happy and allow?

I’ve had success both ways, though not predictably. Therefore, I propose a mashup of good feelings, clear visions and appropriate action. Or as many teachers suggest, we need to be happy now AND have a clear vision of where we want to go to channel our energies. And we must have no attachment to the outcome. This allows us to keep the channel open to the universe. Our job is to balance happiness in the now with a vision of where we’d like to go.

Overall, I recommend feeling good as your primary goal. A great way to do that is spend time in gratitude daily, then relax and go play.

The 3 most important steps are to relax, enjoy and let go of attachment to results. Or maybe simply breath deeply, relax, and allow!

As you can see, I don’t have the definitive 3 steps to massive success. As a work in progress, I’ll get back to you later.

If you have THE ANSWER, please let me know! 🙂


2 thoughts on “3 Steps to Massive Success

  1. Well said, Brad, and I love your humor! And your clarity about how there’s no perfect recipe for that balance of ‘allowing’ and ‘taking action’…. but we seem to need a ‘mashup’ as you say, LOL, of both, to fit our unique self in each unique moment life!


    • Thanks Leslie, the blogging has been more fun as I let myself be playful with the serious topic of growth. Yes, the
      balance of allowing and action is a fine and shifting art that I have just begun to learn.


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