Gratitude and the Art of Life

More and more, I believe that gratitude is the key to satisfaction and happiness in life.

And the way out of the rat race to success that most of us are engaged in. Even the spiritualists have hopped on the band wagon, encouraging us to achieve our goals, be happy, live purposefully, achieve enlightenment, nirvana, or Christ consciousness, end hunger, or save the planet. I’m tired of hearing about it. How about you? And have you noticed that every teacher, guru, coach, writer has a program to sell you to help you achieve happiness and success?

For the last program you will ever need, click here. Just kidding! It’s a wonderful video about gratitude with beautiful images and poetry. Enjoy!

Achieving dreams and goals are nice, but if we never stop to appreciate what we have, then what’s the point? Endless striving, achieving and accumulating? Then we are like rats in a cage endlessly chasing an elusive future place of happiness. And we end up consuming our lives and planet instead of appreciating them. We really aren’t consumers, despite marketing claims to the contrary. It’s time we reclaim our birthright as human beings. Did you notice the word BEING; not doing, consuming, or achieving?

I believe that gratitude is the foundation to build a fulfilling life of happiness and even success. I’m noticing that as I spend more time appreciating my life, I feel better. I’m more relaxed about the need to fix myself, change my life, get busy and JUST DO IT! Maybe it’s time for a new cultural slogan. How about Just Be or Go in Gratitude?

Whether you agree with my conclusions or not, I would highly encourage you to try some kind of gratitude practice for a while, then see what happens to your attitude and life. There are many ways to play the game of gratitude. Journaling what you are grateful for each day, or speak them out loud to yourself, partner or family. Or how about a gratitude circle to build the energy of what’s working in your life to share with others?  There is even a website to share gratitude online.

Regardless of what avenue, practice gratitude for 30 days, then see how you feel. And please let me know the results. I promise not to sell you any success programs!

If you can’t embrace gratitude yet, then how about some satisfaction? Try to be satisfied with yourself and your life. We really are just fine as we are. No kidding.

And I’m not suggesting that you stop reaching for your dreams and goals. I’m simply suggesting that you do so gently with many stops along the way to appreciate the wonderful scenery.



Don’t Worry, Be Grateful!

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