Satisfaction and the Art of Self Improvement

I dedicate 2012 to be the Year of Small Improvements. This is a new gentler perspective for me. I still have goals and things that I want to accomplish in my life, but I’m starting with satisfaction where I am. Gratitude has become the foundation for my steadily improving life.

Here is a great little exercise by Terri Cole to stop & feel some gratitude!

I’ve incorporated a daily time of reflecting on what I’m grateful for in my life. I feel more peaceful and satisfied with myself and my life. There is a shift to the belief that nothing is wrong with me or my life. I’m OK as I am and so are you. Hallelujah!

Next I’m adding the intention to give my best to each day. Finally and most importantly, I add the goal of improvement. If I reach some of my goals for 2012, that’s wonderful. A bonus or dessert, but not my primary goal. My primary goal is improvement, each step noticed with extreme care and celebration.

This vision of gradual improvement in my life is what will inspire and sustain me during the year.  I will acknowledge and celebrate each step in the direction of my dreams and goals. Which means I will be continually noticing what is working in my life. I will be practicing gratitide for what I have each day. And I trust that my life will improve by focusing on what is working in my life. This will build a momentum of good things in my life. Good feelings, inspiring dreams, new connections, helping others, action toward my goals, celebration and gratitude.

I’m noticing differences already. I feel more satisfied and more peaceful; trusting in myself and my life. I’m believing in a world that wants to support me. I’m seeing and feeling progress in my life. And I am wanting to be more, do more, and give more to life. This shift feelis wonderful. I believe this is how we are wired to live. We are meant to be happy, inspired and open to life.

Don’t just nibble at the bounty of life. Ask, open and receive a giant portion. The more you believe and open to good, the more you receive.

Things are looking up for 2012. Get on the gratitude train heading to the land of improvement. All aboard!


3 thoughts on “Satisfaction and the Art of Self Improvement

  1. “We are meant to be happy, inspired and open to life.”

    That’s what I’M talkin’ ’bout! lol

    I like the word enthusiasm you mentioned the other day AND was repeated in a post that I shared yesterday (or Wednesday).



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