Practice Joy

This morning I remembered the power of practice. Much like an actor or athlete, we must practice our craft. I choose to become more joyful. Therefore I must study and practice my craft of personal development.

First I study joy. Learn what it looks like, how it feels, what helps create it, and what diminishes it. Then I must practice joy as I go about my daily life. Props and costumes help too, so I will don my joyful costume. A smile is a great start. A simple smile can help shift our mood or better yet, someone else’s. It’s a free and easy costume. Put one on today!

And more important, I will play the part. I will “act” joyfully until I can truly become joyful. This is my New Year’s pledge. To become more joyful. To continue on my journey to joy. To keep the faith that my life will shift as I continue to choose joyful ways of thinking, feeling and acting.

I’m accepting responsibility for my life, again. And realizing that this choice will never go away, or at least not until joy becomes automatic for me. Right now it is a constant challenge and choice. Daily or even hourly, I have the choice of whether to give in to circumstances and stray thoughts. Do I allow my thoughts and circumstances to control me or do I reclaim responsibility for my life?

I choose to be master of my domain. The domain we most control is within us and our control; our thoughts, feelings, and actions. In other words, how we respond to our circumstances. Instead of allowing challenges to control me, I recommit to choosing joy. I choose joy as my foundation in life. With a better attitude, we not only feel better, but make better choices. With a foundation of joy in my heart, I can make more joyful choices that improve my life. Joy is contagious, non-toxic, organic, and free. Spread some joy today!

Practice Joy

And I’m remembering my recent lessons about taking action toward my goal. This is very important to anchor in the new skill or practice. Clearly I have not been taking enough action to anchor joy in my life. Sometimes action in the direction of our dreams can lead our feelings to a better place too. So why we’re intending our new goasl and working on our attitude, let’s take some action.

Thanks again for reading, responding and helping me on my journey. Knowing that we share this journey helps me to be my best. I’ll keep the faith, with a little help from my friends.

Wishing you Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka, Cheerful Kwanzaa, and Joyful Journeys!

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