Bo Hoo, No Caroling

Abraham insists that well being will prevail. Do I believe that statement? Not yet. So how do I shift my focus to trust?

This has been a year of great challenges and failings due to my own poor habits. So bo hoo, no caroling for me. First I emailed a choir to suggest that we carol. I received one positive response out of about 20. Then I emailed my local friends. One more friend said yes to caroling. It didn’t look like enough to go caroling, so I wondered about other ways to honor my desire to sing. I heard that Unity was going to have a Holiday sing along this week, so I could enjoy some Christmas singing in a different form. Then yesterday, the sing along was canceled!

What is the Universe telling me? At first it seems I’m not deserving or powerful enough to create my desires. Then when I look closer, I can acknowledge that I’ve been too focused on what I don’t want, what I don’t like in my life this year. I’ve become too willing to feel bad, to blame, to be angry, to be afraid, and to give up. It’s time to stand up for my good; to request, expect, trust, and then allow it.

I’m aware enough to know that I don’t feel good or like what I’m doing with my life. But I haven’t yet created enough momentum of good energy and action toward what I do want in my life. To quote Abraham, my focus is out of whack!  We must care about how we feel and our point of attraction. It’s my mess and I accept responsibility for it. Just like I did this summer when I saw the train wreck already in motion. Gradually I have been turning things around by blogging, switching my thoughts and feelings, taking action, and reaching out to life.

This post was stimulated by Abraham’s talk on assertion. Our human habit to blame powers outside ourselves for the state of our life. The tendency to use problems as the reason to pinch off our good. The bigger picture is that the well being in our lives is automatic and amazing. Even with billions of people and the majority of the medias focusing on the bad, the world is a beautiful, miraculous, evolving place. So how do we feel the bigness of our natural well being?

It helps to look at the bigger picture. Gratitude is useful too. Look at the miracle of life. The plants, critters, and humans living on a speck of dirt, water and air called Earth, rotating perfectly balanced around the sun in our tiny corner of the galaxy. Or the amazing functioning of our body. We don’t have to do anything about these gifts. They happen automatically for our benefit. My body breaths, digests, and lives each day all without any input from me. I am alive and well despite my negative focus!

I have good health. I have friends and family who love me. I have a nice home, access to food, clean water, the internet and other miraculous technology. It would seem that I am very blessed indeed. Yet, I’m feeling down and sorry for myself because caroling isn’t happening and I lost a few thousand dollars in the stock market. Bo hoo, woe is me.

Maybe I should join the Ebenezer Scrooge Club, or create a 12 step group for bad attitude called Pessimists Defeated. Or maybe hope and well being will prevail. Maybe a visit from the ghosts of past, present and future can save everything. Or maybe I’m dreaming again.

But then again, why not? Dream, believe and keep reaching for more life.

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