I’ve been thinking about grace lately. What does it mean? How do we get it? Can we “get” it or by it’s very definition does it come on it’s own, an unbidden gift?

I tend to hold the view that it is a gift from spirit. Older Webster definitions would say grace is divine assistance given to humans from God. Other definitions focus more on beauty, kindness, and ease of movement. Some people exude grace in how they live and move. This can be a learned dignity or an inherent knowing of our inner beauty that is so fully embodied as to flow through our very movements and actions. Some people seem to be born with this ease in living.

Others like me, move with less grace and ease, possibly because I’m steering too much. The older I get, the more I wonder if the point is to flow with life, not “create it” as so many popular self help gurus teach. Or more likely the answer is both, the paradox I find more and more in life. Grace might be the balance point where we both steer and allow the flow. Too little steering and we wander aimlessly. Too much steering and we struggle with life.

It seems that grace can be both a gift to us and a way that we live. I believe that the more we appreciate in our lives, the more we are given or graced. And we can be graceful in how we live and move through life. If we move with ease, allowing and accepting life to flow through us, then we have grace. And in turn we are graced with more gifts.

I’m practicing grace in the sense of choosing to accept what comes my way as a gift. If it is of obvious benefit, then I accept the gift with joy and gratitude. If it is a challenge, then I dig deeper to understand and allow the good to be seen. Maybe there is a hidden gift, a jewel to be discovered, a seed to be nurtured or a lesson to be learned.

I grace you with this beautiful video from MovingArt with inspiring images and narrative. It reminded me to  feel the incredible beauty of the world that we are graced with. Let’s open our minds and hearts to our many blessings. Drink deeply from the well of life within and around us. What we notice and appreciate, we expand. Let’s spread more beauty and love.

I also believe grace comes from slowing down to make time and space for spirit. Then we can be blessed with love, beauty, connection, and inspiration. We find grace when we appreciate what we do have instead of endlessly seeking more. Here’s to hoping you are graced with more love and beauty this holiday season.

Blessings, Brad

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