Conscious Communication

Beam me up Scotty.

Science is fast becoming more like science fiction. We have quarks, blackholes, quantum physics, and much more that I don’t even understand. Who knows what amazing things are yet to be discovered, imagined, and created? Maybe we should employ more science fiction writers to lead our new economy!

Here is a recap of some Russian research on the power of words & language to influence DNA. The research showed that language, sound and light frequencies can alter human DNA. Living DNA will always react to laser rays ( light) and radio waves ( sound). This seems to be the purpose for the 90% of DNA considered junk by western science busy trying to isolate and splice human genes. Alternatively, the Russian researchers are trying to find ways to use light and sound to influence the whole DNA to balance defects. Sounds like a more holistic approach to me.

This seems to be conclusive proof that our bodies are impacted by words, language, light and sound. Of course, spiritual masters have been telling us since recorded time. The practical message I take from this research is to be very mindful of my words and language. I choose to “feed” my body and mind with positive encouraging words, helping to bring out my best. In other words, to use conscious communication.

This begs the classic carrot or stick question. I happen to like carrots and sure feel better when encouraged by words versus threatened by words. Fear, attack, and threats can produce short term positive results, but I happen to believe there are many long term costs. Just look at the state of health for our people, planet, schools, and economy. Like our modern approach to healing that uses so many drugs that simply trade one problem for 1 or more others. Sounds like bad math and bad medicine to me. I prefer holistic approaches to health and life.

We need new models of living based on love, cooperation, sharing, and uplifting messages. Let’s celebrate life by communicating consciously with care. Cook up a tasty dish of delight and encouragement. Then sprinkle in some appreciation and joy. Share freely.

May the force be with you.



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