I’m feeling a little softer and gentler after a couple of challenging days. I saw the image of my life as a rock being worn smooth by water and time. Hopefully my rough edges are getting softer; less harmful to myself and others.

This week I derailed myself emotionally by judging myself for my life choices and lack of desired results. This morning I softened my perspective. I realized that although I may not be where I aspire to be physically or emotionally, I have made great progress in the time since I moved from the Washington DC area. Life keeps moving no matter what. We can either allow or resist the flow. I choose to flow with life.

This morning I was already feeling a softening stance toward my life.  Then listening to a talk by Abraham some things became more clear. They were talking about how contrast helps defines us, figure out who we are and who we want to become. I had been feeling down from comparing myself to others. Of course, these imaginary “others” have everything figured out, are living their dreams, have ideal relationships, great houses, and all the money they want. I was lamenting what my life could have been if I had made different choices.

Thankfully I realized the futility and silliness of that line of thinking. I am who I am exactly because of the choices that I have made! I not only would not be the person I am, but would not have the perspective, understanding and tolerance that I now have. As my mother wisely reflected, who we are inside is what’s important in life.

Thanks Mom for birthing me, loving me and accepting my wandering journey.

Family helps me to see the contrast between my starting point and current life. Yes family can still trigger my issues, but less often and with less impact. I have a softer approach in how I interact with them. I am closer to accepting them for who they are and allowing them their own life choices regardless of my values. I’m practicing acceptance, aspiring to appreciation, and no longer resisting. So good job Brad.

I say thanks to my family for my life, roots, mirror, challenges, and yardstick to see my progress. Though I’m thinking of retiring the yardstick. It’s very old school! I no longer want to view my life as a race or competition. I believe life is an opportunity to feel and share more love and joy.

Wishing you many Happy Travels.


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