7 Tips for Living Thankfully

In honor of Thanksgiving, I’m sharing some tips for living fully. For me, living fully is often connected to gratitude. Dare I say living full of Thanks!

Walking around the neighborhood the other day, I was feeling connected to spirit while hearing my sweet voice at the same time. This was a nice treat during a mundane day. Life was surging through me. My body was alive with energy and I was feeling grateful.

Maybe one day I’ll live in that state routinely. For now, I’m delighted to have moments of joyful connection and aliveness. I believe that we can do things to encourage this connection. The more moments of joy we string together, the more our life becomes joyful. At other times, grace blesses us. Such is the mystery of life. Yesterday, my gratitude helped open the door to living more fully. Living more fully is another way of saying that we are living connected to spirit, to a sense of purpose and aliveness. Satisfaction comes from living in alignment with our highest values and vision for our life.


Here are my favorite doorways for living fully.

Gratitude– Spend time feeling appreciation for your life. Write or speak about what you are thankful for.

Meditation– Find the well of stillness and peace within. Having a routine helps make the connection stronger and easier to reach.

Openness– Keep an open posture towards life in your mind and body. Try inviting spirit in. I open my arms as invitation.

Passion– Do more of what excites and inspires you. For me, that is singing, dancing, writing, and being in nature.

Savor– Slow down and savor your life. Enjoy some simple pleasures like a deep breath, an aromatic flower, or a tasty meal.

Feed your Dreams– Spend time imaging your ideal life and take some action in the direction of your dreams. In other words, live with purpose.

Celebrate– Put on your party hat! Don’t wait for the next big holiday. Find something to celebrate in your life.

Here are some signs that you’ve made the connection; aliveness in your body, peacefulness, or hearing a loving inner voice.

May you live fully tomorrow and every day.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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