What’s in your billfold?

Despite the silly reference, this blog isn’t about the credit cards, cash or cute photos in your wallet.

This is a fun way of asking what money beliefs you have.

This question was asked in an e-book on abundance. At first I was annoyed, then I acknowledged it might be good to know, especially for someone who wants to bring more money into his life.

Have I been pushing money away? Clearly yes when I desperately cling to my cash in fear. Instead of money mastery, I  feel the pull of fear spreading like a virus. The tightness, cold and pain lead to panic, overwhelm and confusion.

Intellectually, I know these are the exact times to use my tools for thriving. Whether I take appropriate action is the question.

Money has been a false security and poor substitute for living life, and yet I still find myself fearfully clinging  during challenges. This has been especially true on days with large quick drops in my savings. I’m realizing the need for stop losses on my stocks. And I’m seeing the parallel to my life. I can protect my personal energy by not allowing my negative thoughts and feelings to run rampant.

My lesson is setting boundaries for what I’m willing or not to experience. I’m no longer willing to allow my savings to disappear, nor to wallow in despair. Very interesting that Colbie Caillat’s song “Think Good Thoughts” just came on Pandora. Thank you!

So I choose openness and trust. To trust that I will survive, even thrive. I will keep reaching for more life, more connection with friends, more taking care of myself, more taking action where I can, and more letting go where I can’t.

Thankfully I’m learning to be the master of my domain in matters of mind, heart and money. When I relax my hold on money,  more good, including money, can flow into my life. Life responds to our thoughts and actions; the domains that we most control. Choose wisely.

Choose your dreams. Choose love and life.

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