Lucky in Love

Are you lucky in love?

Do you believe in luck? Do you believe in love?

Luck and love are big parts of our lives. Take a peek at the tabloids next time you’re at the grocery store. We are obsessed with love, relationships, pain, drama, luck, lotteries, and Vegas.

I believe that luck is mostly of our own making. I also know that when we are in pain, it is very hard to open and reach out to life. Yet this simple step can profoundly shift your life.

Last year I had moved to Madison WI to be with a woman that I had met. I was enamoured and wanted to give our relationship the best chance of succeeding. But “luck” dealt  me a bad hand. Our relationship ended after a brief few weeks of romance. After a few weeks of shock and hurt, I surrendered into the loss and decided to make the best of my time in Madison. This was the start of my spiritual rebirth, verson 8.10. I restarted my meditation practice, attending Unity, and connecting with like minded folks. I consciously chose to reach out to life in spite of the pain. This started a profound shift in my mental emotional state. The simple decision to enjoy life opened the doors of my mind and heart to allow room for joy in my life. And I took action on my goal. I rolled the dice, but I stacked the deck in my favor by being both the player and the house. I started meeting people and finding interesting activities.

This year I almost got lost in emotional & physical pain. I was a mess. For more on how the pain motivated me to make changes, read this blog on pain as motivation. Finally I decided to change my life. I added meditation, community, support and opening to life.

Recently I had decided to be more proactive in my social life, so I started reaching out to more people.

Yesterday I was reminded of the power of reaching out to life. Gratitude helps too!

I experienced a complete shift in my mental emotional state yesterday by reaching out to someone new. I was abundantly rewarded with a most satisfying connection. We talked, shared and appreciated life for a while. I stayed in this open grateful state, continuing to enjoy the day, gracefully going from one activity to the next.

I’m noticing how my thoughts, feeling and actions tend to cascade in whatever direction that I point them. When pointed in the direction of fear, I experience pain and lack ( bad luck? ). When pointed in the direction of openness, I experience love and blessings ( good luck? ).

Maybe the best thing we can do is to treat life more like a game. Make a decision, point yourself in a direction, roll the dice, and see what happens. The less attachment to outcome, the easier things flow. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. Here is a good reminder from Buddhism; pain is part of life, but suffering is optional. When we roll a bad hand, get up and roll again! If we stay open, we are blessed by life, regardless of the circumstances.

Want to create more love in your life? Try some gratitude!

2 thoughts on “Lucky in Love

  1. As far as gratitude goes, I make it a point to be grateful everyday. When I first wake up, during the day and even before bed I remind myself of what I am grateful for.

    It seems that you had to deal with a lot of emotional stuff lately. It sounds like you know how to play the game of life and have bounced back well.

    Take Care…


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