Pain as Motivation

Pain as motivation and fuel for change.

What an interesting perspective.

A friend of mine shared this inspiration from his Tony Robbins’ workshop. It got me thinking about this last year. It has been a challenging one for me. As with most things, it depends on how we look at it. Some might see the good of buying a new home, reconnecting to my spiritual path, making new friends and starting this joy journey. Or the bad; I lost my job, didn’t like the neighborhood, didn’t have a work direction, and lost about 40% of my savings in the stock market.

Focusing on the negative in my life created a huge wave of pain and negativity that I almost got lost in. In retrospect, I notice that the more I thought about my problems, the more emotional pain & despair I felt.

My emotional set point had dropped from neglect over the last 10 years. Too often I had taken the easy choice, or worse yet, made no choice. My reasons for inertia were classic self sabotage; feeling tired, afraid, confused, and lazy. On and on. My life was getting very painful and still I was stuck. I felt the disappointment from not living  my dreams and goals. It can be painful to face the truth of our choices and life.

Finally I woke up to the message in the pain; TAKE ACTION to change my life.

This awareness was the motivation for the creation of my blog and journey to joy. First I made the decision to be more proactive in my life. To steer my life in the direction of joy and my dreams. Then I decided to share my journey via a blog.

Both decisions have been followed by actions. I’ve learned in these first few months that action helps to anchor my dreams and goals. And interestingly my feelings improve too. Sometimes actions can lead our feelings to a better place.

Many times I’ve wanted to wave a magic wand in order to fix my life; to change it with wishful thinking only. I’m not saying that positive thoughts can’t positively impact our lives. But I’ve found that dreams untested tend to go fallow.

Thankfully I got fed up this summer. I looked in the mirror and saw the passing of time. It really hit home how far my life was from my dreams.

Now you know my motivation for undertaking this journey to joy. I learned that pain can be a great motivator. Thankfully I didn’t go the route of frogs who can boil to death by tolerating incremental increases in temperature. I woke up to the boiling pot and started turning down the heat of my stinking thinking!

I’m determined to stop being a passive passenger in my life. Yesterday, I had a reminder of how one choice leads to another and another, leading to a spiral of negativity. It’s not easy being responsible for my thoughts, feelings, and life. It requires constant vigilance and work to keep pointing my thoughts in the direction of feeling better.

Sometimes all we can do is change the scenery, take a break, or sleep. Any step in the direction of our dreams is useful. Thankfully I had some reminders about celebrating baby steps. So I decided to acknowledge that I’m slightly closer to my dream of joy and abundance today; not staying stuck in fear and despair. Life brought me another challenge and this time I remembered to get back up.

Three lessons from this week on my joy journey are;

1- Keep switching to better feeling thoughts.

2- Anchor my dreams with concrete action.

3- Celebrate any progress no matter how small.

Thank you friends, Facebook, and DreamCrafters.  I appreciate you sharing the journey and tips. While living large is still my dream, today I’ll celebrate my baby steps.

12 thoughts on “Pain as Motivation

  1. Yeah, Brad. Pain is good…er…did I say that?
    I meant that pain can indeed be a wonderful motivator. Many sales people know all about that – yes, it’s in their sales scripting often – find out what the pain is and speak to that. Certainly, politicians know all about that.
    It’s definitely motivated me on occasion. And I’m enjoying other, more pleasant motivations these days, too.
    But I still pity the poor frogs…


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  3. Hey Brad,

    I like what you’re doing here! I’ve spent a little time looking around, at your About page and several of your posts.

    I like your openness and honesty and sincerity. It shines brightly in your writing. I also like your writing schedule. The more we write, the better we get.

    Keep up the wonderful work here, Brad. And thanks for the email asking me to check things out on your side of the street. I appreciate the contact and consider the request an honor.

    Take care!


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  5. Hi dear Brad… it sounds here like you have discovered the beauty of your “emotional navigation system” ~ I rely on mine in a big way!!! Far from adept still, but just the awareness that you have some control over changing or guiding your emotional setpoint/freqency…. well that is HUGE! I am so happy for you … beautiful post — your sharing these pearls will surely be a gift to others who read!
    Love and Gratitude – Robyn


    • Thanks Robyn,

      I appreciate the reminder. Yes, pain can serve and motivate, though I’m preferring to navigate from joy. As you mentioned, I’m being more proactive in my choices and learning to notice my inner guidance to make better decisions for thriving. Thanks for all the likes and following my blog. I love your beautiful poems. Blessings, Brad


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