Occupy Your Heart; a Call to Loving Action

A friend of mine, Dave, is fostering flourishing in his life. I like the phrase thriving.

We are both talking about living beyond survival, where we access our inner greatness in order to bring out our best. Our best is usually connected to being uniquely ourselves while helping others. The beauty in helping others is that we receive what we give. Beauty, kindness, and joy expand as we share them and appreciate each other. In a connected world, we impact each other far more than we may know. Whether this is a curse or blessing depends on our choices in thoughts, words, and deeds.

It’s time for our leaders (followers, demonstrators, and people everywhere!)  to live from this enlightened place of connection & mutual benefit. To transcend greed, hunger, injustice, and resource degradation will require more people who are inspired to be a blessing in the world. I’m starting with myself and encouraging others to join in my call for loving action.

Let’s celebrate our greatness by harnessing our unique talents and gifts in service of the greater whole. Clearly living for personal gain is not working. We can easily see the disparites and problems. Inspiration can help reveal the solutions. Let’s give our best while helping others, knowing that we are all in “this” together. For more tips on thriving, click here.

When giving our best, we don’t harm or take from others. We naturally want to connect, help, and share. We know the importance of staying connected to our spiritual source.  Andrew Harvey has a good perspective on sacred activism. Here is his video on activism rooted in the sacred. He suggests to open your heart, expand your mind and feed the body to be fully alive.

And please remember to make peace with your enemies. Making others the enemy only perpetuates the very problem that we want to fix. This applies to personal traits, pollution, or corporate greed. Making enemies of the other only adds energy to the polarity and the problem itself. The only way to “fix” the problem is to transcend it, which means to think, live and act from a new level. I propose that the solution starts with inclusion. We are all connected, so let’s act like it. Treat “them” as you want to be treated. Let’s make change peacefully and dial down some of the drama and chaos in the world.

This is my call to loving action. I have a vision where we live in both personal joy and harmony with the larger whole. Where we want to give our best to ourselves, family, friends, employer, employees, and the planet.

Let’s celebrate the miracle of life. Occupy your heart, find your calling and bring it on! Or not. It’s ok to simply be yourself with as much love as you can muster.

Brad the Muse


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