9 Habits for Thriving

A friend of mine, Dave, talks about fostering flourishing in his life. This got me to thinking about thriving. What does it mean to thrive in our life?

We are both talking about living beyond survival, where we tap into our inner greatness in order to bring out our best. I believe that our best is usually connected to being uniquely ourselves while helping others. The beauty in helping others is that we keep the circle of giving alive. In a connected world, we impact each other far more than we may know. Whether this is a curse or blessing depends on our choices.

Today’s photo was graciously shared by Leslie Berman Oelsner. Enjoy.

Leslie Oelsner

Here are my top 9 practices for thriving in your life.

1- Commune with your spiritual source daily. Make sure to connect with what feeds you spiritually.  Nature and meditation do that for me. For you it may be family, a pet, or a hobby.

2- Practice random acts of kindness. Give to others without regard to what you will receive. Unconditional giving feeds your heart and soul. And remember, what we give is what we receive. Give only the best!

3- Spend time imaging your ideal life. Visualize your dreams with as much detail and feeling as you can. Do this routinely to feed your dreams. This is planting and watering the seeds in the garden of your life.

4- Take action toward your dreams. This anchors your dream in the world. You will be tested. But if you are committed you will also be supported.

5- Make your changes in small easy steps. This sets you up to succeed. Even one baby step in the direction of your dreams can shift the tide of your life. The journey of a life begins with a step. Just Do It!

6- Take time to be still. Especially in our fast pace lives, we need time to rest, relax and renew. You are beautiful and whole as you are. Be Still and Know this truth.

7- Treat your body as precious. The better your health, the better your attitude and ability to take action in your life. Our bodies are the vehicle to live and express our dreams in the world. Feed it well. For more tips on physical health, visit my blog on health and well being.

8- Connect with other people that help you feel good and live your best. Consider forming or joining a group to practice thriving together. There is great power in working with others; MasterMind and Success groups are two good examples.

9- Practice Gratitude. Most of our lives are much richer than we acknowledge. In order to find the blessings, we must look for them. The beauty of gratitude is that it opens the space for more good to come in our lives.

I’d love to hear your tips on thriving. We thrive together.


7 thoughts on “9 Habits for Thriving

  1. I couldn’t have put that better, Brad. Complete and succinct!
    The only thing I would add is – put fun on the schedule!
    And maybe – ‘eat that frog’ as Brian Tracy puts it – do the ‘hard’ thing first – in quotes because it’s often not so hard – it’s more a matter of getting started. One of my challenges sometimes.
    Stay well,


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