Simple Satisfaction

Is what we have ever enough? If not, then we might consider the idea of satisfaction with what we currently have. What I call simple satisfaction. The challenge is that we all want more;  more money, more time, more freedom, more health, more clients,  different partner, bigger house, on and on.

This can be exhausting to me, you, family, friends, coworkers, and the planet!

It might be time to just say no to idea of more is better. Maybe what we have is perfect for our current lives.  By wanting more, we are failing to appreciate our current life. We often ignore or push away our current life in the race to get more. By appreciating who we are & what we have currently, we open up a space within us. Paradoxically, this can allow more to come to us! Or better yet, we may find that our current life is just fine as it is. Then we will know the peace & satisfaction of living fully in the now.

Gratitude is one of the keys to satisfaction in our lives. One simple practice is to spend a few minutes each morning or evening recalling what you are grateful for in your life, large or small. The key is to truly feel the gratitude. Another way to satisfaction is by giving to others, be it in the form of time, hugs, or support. HeartMath has a fun video to boost your energy while sharing appreciation with others. This link has some other tools for healthy living.

I also find great satisfaction in slowing down to fully embrace the moment. Ordinary activities becomes richer, full with a texture and depth that I don’t experience when I’m rushing from one thing to the next. I try to give myself times during the week to be slow or sometimes to simply BE with no agenda at all. Now I understand the beauty of the original Sabbath. A day to step aside from our daily responsibilities in order to focus on spirit. A day to rest, renew and nourish our inner self. Or a day to enjoy with family and friends with no agenda. Too many of us have lost this great tradition in our rush to get ahead in life.

simple satisfaction

Imagine the great relief to ourselves and our planet if we weren’t trying to fill our inner pain with the consumption of food, stuff, drugs, and activity. Consumerism is often connected to a feeling of lack that we are trying to fill from outside ourselves. This doesn’t ever satisfy the inner longing. If we’re lucky, we might gain a momentary pleasure upon the acquisition of that “thing” that we wanted so badly. Pursing goals can also backfire if we are so focused on the destination that we fail to enjoy the journey.

I hope that you will consider slowing down to savor your life. You might find a rich bounty waiting for you.

Your turn!

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